RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Partners for the Greater Triangle Commuter Rail are in the planning stages for the project.

The rail project would connect Durham, Wake, Johnston counties.

The next step in the process is for county sponsors of the study to decide if the costs and benefits of the project are acceptable. If approved, the project will move into the development of an environmental review, followed by the creation of a final design and an application for federal funding.

Construction could start as early as 2025 with service starting as early as 2030.

The system would run 20 roundtrips a day carrying an estimated 12,000 people. More than 20 stations to passengers to hop on are also planned. Click here to see where those stops could be located.

The rail system will be an increasingly important part of transportation for the region. Between 2020 and 2040, planner project there will be 750,000 more people living in the areas. They will add another 700,000 to roadways creating more congestion and traffic on highways and city streets.

In addition, by 2050, planners also estimate an additional 800,000 new jobs will be added. More than 350,000 are estimated to be located near the planned rail route.

The existing rail is owned by North Carolina Railroad Company. With much of the rail using this system, an update to the county on Wednesday said adding this new service would require additional infrastructure.

A rapid transit line planned for the area could be complimentary to the commuter rail. Wake County is in the process of designing Bus Rapid Transit system with many stops located on or near commuter rail. The New Bern BRT is scheduled to be the first to reach completion in 2024.