KILL DEVIL HILLS, N.C.(WNCN) – Officials on the Outer Banks are warning beach-goers not to dig holes and leave them unattended this summer.

Town of Kill Devil Hills

Town officials said ocean rescue and fire department personnel have already had to respond to and fill in several large holes that have been left around Kill Devil Hill beaches this year.

A photo of the town’s ocean rescue supervisor standing in of those large holes was shared on the town’s Facebook page.

It has been shared more than 500 times.

Just last week, a pair of siblings were digging a large hole on a New Jersey beach when it collapsed.

One of the teens made it out but her brother, 18-year-old Levy Caverley, died in the collapse, police said.

Kill Devil Hills officials said less serious injuries like broken ankles can happen if unexpecting beach goers trip or fall into those hole.

Town officials said these digs can make it difficult for first responders to quickly get to an emergency on the beach. It can also cause damage to their vehicles.

Officials are asking only for shallow holes to be dug and for them to be covered up when digging is done.

The danger is not just present for humans. As sea turtle hatchlings move towards the water, they or their mothers can become trapped in these holes and die.