RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Results from a CBS 17/Emerson College poll shows the majority of North Carolinians support the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Nearly three-quarters (72.5 percent) of those polled said they approve of the use of medical marijuana in North Carolina.

A total of 18.9 percent of those polled were opposed to medical marijuana in the state and 8.6 percent were unsure.

When asked if marijuana should be legalized for recreational purposes, 48.1 percent said yes while 39.3 percent said no.

A total of 12.6 percent said they were unsure.

When asked if federal agents should be used to quell protests and rioting, the response was nearly evenly split.

  • Yes, federal forces should be used: 42.1
  • Against the use of federal forces: 41.6
  • Unsure: 16.2

The poll found 48 percent of North Carolinians do not support removing the names of Confederate soldier from military installations, such as Fort Bragg.

Those who support the removal of Confederate names make up 39 percent of respondents and 13 percent were unsure.

The poll also asked if unemployment benefits paid by the state of North Carolina are sufficient, too high, or too low?

Those who believe the benefits are sufficient made up 50.6 percent of the response while 36 percent said the benefits are too low.

Just 13.5 percent said the benefits are too high.

In terms of Medicaid expansion in North Carolina, 62.8 percent supported expansion while 19.1 said no.

A total of 18.1 were unsure.

The same poll also asked about the presidential and U.S. Senate race in North Carolina.