RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A new poll by High Point University shows Gov. Roy Cooper has weathered the literal and figurative storm.

Now more than a year into his second term, Cooper has faced hurricanes, budget battles and COVID-19.

Which helps explain the numbers.

“In this case though I think Roy Cooper is somebody that people in the state of North Carolina have gotten to know and compared to their evaluations of the country as a whole they’re relatively confident in what he can do,” said Martin Kifer, director of the High Point University Survey Research Center.

According to the latest High Point University Poll, Cooper has a 52 percent approval rating.

A full 10 points higher than President Joe Biden.

It’s a consistent story.

“I’m not surprised about the overall approval ratings and their relationships to each other because we’ve been finding about a 10-point gap of the governor’s approval rating to of that of the president,” said Kifer.

Cooper even sits higher than his own party in how people said they would vote if the election were held today.

Showing just how purple North Carolina is, 42 percent of those polled said they’d vote for the Democratic candidate and 42 percent said the Republican candidate.

But the rising number of unaffiliated voters and new electoral maps have to be taken into account.

Incumbents can’t just rest on the loyal members of their party and their reputation.

“People are going to be voting for people they may not have known much about. We don’t have the incumbents who are actually going to be representing potentially the same groups of people so that change might matter in the mid-term elections,” Kifer said.