RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Early voting locations for the primaries closed Saturday at 3 p.m. And abortion rights and the January 6 investigation could tip the scales and have an impact on fall election candidates.

Thousands of early voters, like Phronsie Stopple, wasted no time in making their votes count.

“I was very happy at how crowded it was this morning because I was like ‘last day, let me get out there, let me vote,” she said.

Based on data from the Wake County Board of Elections, unofficially, more than 35,000 Wake County residents took part in early voting since the end of April.

Not everyone was as enthusiastic as Stopple, but they did get the message to get out and vote.

“Voting is very powerful. We have an opportunity to elect our local officials and listen to all of the issues that are going on now, “ early voter Joseph Frierson said.

The potential overturn of Roe v. Wade and the potential hearing of the January 6 committee has voters concerned about their rights.

“I think for women, our rights are getting ready to be taken away. So if we want to reclaim our rights we need to be voting in numbers,” Stopple said.

Based on additional data from the Wake County Board of elections, the early voting numbers for 2022 have already surpassed the 2018 primary early election turnout by 20,000.

A large percentage of this year’s numbers are coming from female voters.

“I think we’re in a time now where we as the people should have a say on who we put in the office. And it is very important that we all come out and participate in this event,” Deborah Ragland said.

A lot of voters also took part in curbside voting, which allowed them the comfort to vote in their cars if they suffered any disabilities.

“It gives me a chance to get out early and vote instead of standing in long lines,” Angeria Davis said.

But if you have any questions or trouble at a voting site you can always look to receive assistance from state-wide organizations like Democracy NC.

“People go in to vote and they’re told that they can’t, for whatever reason they’re not on the rolls or etc. They can come back out here, we have a hotline number people can call 888-Our-Vote and we can get lawyers on the phone to help them with those problems,” said Adrienne Kelly, a representative of the organization.

Those who did not get to participate in early voting Saturday, will now have to wait until the primary election, which is Tuesday.

For more information on where to vote click here.