SPENCER, N.C. (WJZY/WNCN) – Authorities made an arrest over the weekend in connection to a months-old animal cruelty case out of Rowan County.

The cat involved, named Cool Breeze, had to have a front leg amputated after the animal was shot with a .22 caliber rifle and went three days without care.

The incident happened in late May, police said.

Jeremy Michael Pless, of Spencer, 32, faces a felony count of animal cruelty after shooting the cat, which belonged to someone else, with a .22 caliber rifle, police said.

The owner of Cool Breeze said Monday the cat is doing well with only three legs — and now stays strictly indoors.

“Animals are very resilient and unlike humans they don’t feel sorry for themselves. We as a family would like to thank the Spencer police department for making sure that this act didn’t go unpunished,” Dwane Davidson told CBS 17 in an email.

After he was shot, Cool Breeze was scared and ran away for a couple of days, Davidson said.

“The vet said that the bullet shattered his leg and there was no saving it, he also had wounds from bone fragments in his chest,” Davidson said.

Pless also faces a misdemeanor charge of shooting firearms within town limits.

The shot was fired within Spencer’s municipal boundaries, which violates the town’s code of ordinances § 130.05(C).

Pless was booked into the Rowan County Detention Center with a secured bond of $7,500.