ROTTERDAM, N.Y. (WTEN) — A family in New York is trying to scrape together money for their dog’s surgery.

The pup named Coco is lucky to be alive — she was hit by a car.

Not only that, but she got stuck behind the vehicle’s grill — and stayed stuck for a nearly hour-long drive.

The driver didn’t know and continued driving — finding the dog later.

It was the ride of little Coco’s life.

Police say a woman was traveling on North Manning Boulevard when she thought she ran into something.

“She stopped as well as some other motorist. She checked her vehicle realized there was damage to the front but didn’t realize she had struck the dog,” said Lt. Jeffrey Collins of the Rotterdam Police.

After taking a 45-minute ride to Rotterdam, she heard something under the grill.

She pulled over only to find the precious pooch holding on for dear life.

“On of our officers was able to free the dog from the car by pressing down the scoop and allowing the dog to come out,” Collins said.

So how did Coco end up in this situation in the first place?

Well her owner says she was let outside to go to the bathroom and escaped through a fence.

“She does everything with me. We do everything together,” said Coco’s owner, Kathleen Davis.

Coco’s surgery will cost at least $4,000 which is money the family says they just don’t have.

“She came to us with a shattered elbow. To be honest, I can’t believe she survived it,” said Noella Lafreniere of the Hernas Veterinary Clinic.

They haven’t gotten Coco back yet — as animal control is still investigating the case.

“I can’t get her back unless I fix her. Unless I have her surgery done,” Davis said.