Elusive emu on the loose in Virginia

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HANOVER COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) – A big bird is ruffling feathers in Virginia. There’s an emu on the loose in Hanover County.

Several people spotted it Wednesday afternoon in Courthouse Park.

Lyn Richardson grabbed her phone and captured video of the bird sauntering then running across a field.

“Nothing surprises us these days,” says Jeffrey Parker, the Chief of Hanover County Animal Control.

He says at least four people reported seeing the Emu.

Animal Control officers tried unsuccessfully to catch it.

“We ended seeing the Emu several times but could not capture it,” adds Parker, “Once you get close to it, it kinda sped off pretty quick thru the woods.”

Scottie Sauls was driving through the park when he says he locked eyes with the Emu.

“That’s something that I’ll check off my things to do list,” explains Sauls, “I’ve never seen an Emu in the wild, you know other than at the fair.” 

Animal Control officers are still trying to find the bird and its owner.

They’ve asked people living around the perimeter of the park, but no one’s claimed the flightless fowl.

“The things can travel for a good distance before they’re either spotted by somebody or we find the owner, so it’s always a mystery,” Parker said.

The big concerns are for the safety of the bird and people in the area.

Emus aren’t especially dangerous, but if they get spooked, they can kick.

If you see the bird or know its owner, give Hanover County Animal Control a call at 804-365-6485.

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