They’re a one-of-a-kind pair. A Hillsborough police officer and his partner are warming the hearts of their community.

Meet officer Mercy Meow.

“Not many places you get to come to work with one of your good friends,” said Lt. Andy Simmons.

The Hillsborough police officer met Mercy only a few months ago.

“(Mercy) had previously been on Facebook Marketplace. Somebody tried to get her for bait for dog fighting,” Simmons explained.

Simmons knew it was meant to be. He adopted Mercy, and then brought her to work.

“I wouldn’t say it started as an official plan if you ask chief,” he said.

So what do a lieutenant and his officer cat do on the job?

“People will say that we’re co-dependent at this point,” Simmons said.

Anywhere you find Simmons, Mercy isn’t too far away.

But with the two together, the hope is that they can make a bigger and better impact.

“Her overall purpose is to make people smile, have a good time, hang out,” Simmons said.

Once Mercy retires, she’ll spend her days at the Simmons family home.