New details released in gruesome horse attacks along NC border

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LANDRUM, S.C. (WSPA) – Greenville County Sheriff’s Office officials released new details about reported horse attacks in the county over the last two months.

According to a sheriff’s office incident report, one of the attacks happened on Oct. 16.

The owner said that his horse, Jack, was found with his injury on Oct. 18, and said the incident must have happened around Oct. 16.

A veterinarian confirmed that the horse’s injuries were about two days old, and said the horse had a “clean cut that was caused by metal, potentially a knife or machete.”

According to the report, the veterinarian said Jack was cut on his rear just above his tail, and said the cut was done with “enough force to cause damage to the horse’s vertebrae.”

The victim said so far the veterinarian bills were about $650, but said the horse is still healing and there may be more costs later on.

According to the report, deputies were aware that South Carolina Law Enforcement Division agents had reached out to the veterinarian to ask about the injuries she’s treated on the impacted horses.

The report said the veterinarian was unsure what caused the injuries, “being that there have been documented incidents in Spartanburg County involving a wild hog attacking a horse and causing a ‘clean cut’ on the animal.”

The second incident happened on Nov. 7 in a pasture at a location in Landrum, which is less than half a mile from the North Carolina border.

One of the horses injured had a cut to the lower rear leg area while the other horse had a cut to both rear legs, which was said to be lower. The veterinarian confirmed the horse had appeared to have been cut by a sharp object.

The complainant said she was not aware of a possible suspect and had not seen any type of suspicious behavior.

According to the complainant, both horses were in the pasture on Nov. 7 at around 1 p.m. and said around 3:30 p.m. that she noticed the horses were bleeding near their legs.

Surveillance video confirmed that the horses may have been attacked in a potentially 20-hour time frame.

When investigators walked the pasture where the horses were attacked, they found wild hog excrement in the main horse pasture where the attacks took place.

Investigators said while walking the outer fence, they found “rooting marks consistent with a hog directly under a berry tree. I observed the same type of marks at another area where there was a berry tree.”

Animal tracks, consistent with hogs, were found in the sand along the creek shore.

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