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Shelter throws birthday bash for 14-year-old dog with heart condition

FAIRFAX, Va. (WDVM) - The Fairfax County Animal Shelter in Virginia is hoping one of its long term senior residents will find a family this November, which is the ASPCA’s National Adopt a Senior Pet Month.

Milo, a 14-year-old dog with congestive heart failure, has been at the shelter for months.

“Milo is super chill, which is good and necessary because he has congestive heart failure and he needs to be kept calm," said Amanda Novotny of the shelter. "He wants to just lay in a dog bed, in front of the TV, maybe in front of a fire ... but most of all, Milo just wants to be part of a family.” 

Despite Milo’s laid back, sweet disposition, his heart condition has hindered his ability to find a family. On Halloween, the shelter threw him a party in hopes of drawing attention to his kennel.

“They (potential families) might walk by him. He’s an older dog, you know, kind of big,” Novotny said.

Thanks to a donor group the Friends of the Fairfax County Animal Shelter, Milo may have a new leash on life. The group has agreed to pay for Milo’s medications for the rest of his life, saving his potential family approximately $180 a month.

“We hope that that incentive will help people look past the cost of the monthly medications to just see what a great dog Milo is,” Novotny said.

Learn more about adopting Milo and other animals by visiting the Fairfax County Animal Shelter's website

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