Video captures moment snake bites man on the face

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LAWTON, Oklahoma (CNN Newsource) —  An Oklahoma man had a tense few minutes after a snake bit him on his face on Sunday.

The attack was caught on his friend’s doorbell camera in Lawton.

When Jerel Heywood opened the screen door a snake that was wrapped around a porch light bit him.

He said he had no idea if the snake was venomous or not.

So his friend rushed him to the hospital, where doctors determined the snake was not dangerous.

However, things still did not end up well for the animal. Heywood’s friend killed the snake after the attack.

Rodney Copeland supplied the doorbell video that captured the snake attack.

Heywood uttered some profanity during the attack, but it has been removed from the current recording.

In the video, the snake appeared to bite Heywood on his forehead and his eye.

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