RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — At the Wake County Animal Center there are plenty of pit bulls just waiting to be adopted.

“The last I counted I think there were 40 available for adoption between our floor and our foster program,” said Jennifer Federico, the Wake County Animal Center’s Animal Services Director.

The animal center is running a special adoption campaign for National Pit Bull Awareness Month.

People can adopt a pit bull for just $25.

Federico says the breed only makes up about 25-30 percent of their intake but the issue is they stay longer.

“I think some people just don’t like pit bulls. They have a preconceived notion about them and if they’re not the right fit, some people are like I just want a little dog… Fine, not the breed for you,” said Federico.

Then there are the housing restrictions. Many apartments don’t allow certain breeds, pit bulls being one of them. 

“I think some people would have them if they were allowed to,” said Federico.

Nakia Brooks and Henry Richardson told CBS 17 they always wanted a pit bull.

Tuesday, they found one.

“He just came right up to both of us and sniffed us and we went in, and you would’ve thought we already owned him the way he came to him and was playing with him,” said Brooks.

Richardson says if you’re on the fence about getting a pit bull — get one.

“I love pit bulls. They are great dogs. They’re very loyal. Some of them will be a little animal aggressive but you just got to know how to handle the breed,” said Richardson.

The special is going on all month long. All animals adopted from the center are spayed or neutered and microchipped before going home with families.