There’s not much that Lisa Overcash can’t do.

She married the love of her life 31 years ago and raised four beautiful daughters.

You can hear it in her voice that family is her greatest passion in life.

“Each child just made the love grow and we were like, let’s do another,” said Lisa Overcash.

 It is that same passion for her family that she has for helping others.

“It just speaks to my heart. My motivation just come from this place of love,” said Overcash.

 She can do it all.

She’s a wellness coach, yoga and fitness instructor.

She’s also a Thai yoga practitioner and postpartum doula.

“I think all of us has a unique routine, a unique recipe for us to be the best we can be,” said Overcash.  

And every hour that she coaches, instructs or assists someone she donates an hour of her time to someone who may not be able to afford it.

“I feel I’m called to kind of push away the cloud, see the glory and allow the sun to rise within their heart,” said Overcash.

 And she does it all with multiple sclerosis.

Seventeen years ago, Overcash was knocked off her feet with the diagnosis.

She may have multiple sclerosis, but it certainly does not have her.

“It’s an invitation to see who you are and what you can do in spite of things you cannot change,” Overcash said.

Because MS causes anxiety and balance issues, she uses a certified service dog named “River.”

In true Lisa fashion, River doens’t just help her – he is also a therapy dog.

They visit with patients at UNC Hospitals, Person Memorial and assisted living facilities.

And when someone is dying and they have no one to call, River and Lisa show up.

“Those are visitations that bring joy, that bring comfort and peace during amidst of pain,” said Overcash.

Just when you think Ovecash must not have time for anything else, she makes time to write children’s books in both English and Spanish.  

They say good things come in small packages and Lisa is proving that every day by being a remarkable woman.