Making a positive difference in their communities.

Inspiring friends, peers, and loved ones with their motivational perspectives on life.

Being a kind and admirable influence who has improved the well-being of those around her.

These are just a few set of characteristics that CBS17 defines as a Remarkable Woman.

Beginning last November and running until the end of the year, we asked for nominations to who regional audiences believe should be considered the Remarkable Woman of the Year.

Since then, we’ve been reading through the many nominations and are simply blown away by all the positive role models that have established themselves across our community!

This third annual year had a countless number of impressive applicants, making it a very difficult and competitive process for the panel of judges to decide on only four nominees.

With the nomination window now being closed, we’re excited to highlight these four extraordinary women beginning in March!

Kicking off on March 8 and airing every Tuesday until March 29, our local station will be highlighting the region’s four remarkable women and spotlighting all the valuable contributions they have made to those around them.

Focusing on contributions to the community, impacts on family, and their own self achievements, these four incredible role models will be given the opportunity to highlight themselves across all our platforms.

A winner among the four will be announced by April 4 with a $1,000 contribution to the 501-c3 charity of their own choosing.

This local winner will then be featured in the Remarkable Women special that’s produced by KTLA in Los Angeles.

This program will highlight remarkable women chosen from nearly every region throughout the country, letting audiences hear the heartening and inspiring stories from many around the nation.

From there, a panel of outside judges will select a nationwide grand prize winner and award them a $5,000 contribution to the 501-c3 charity of their choice.

Throughout the month of March, make sure to tune in to either our traditional programming or our digital platforms to stay up to date on all the remarkable women making a difference in your communities.

An interactive map will be featured on our website, celebrating nearly every region throughout the country’s own remarkable women.

Remarkable people are all around us, every day out of the year.

They’re not always given the opportunity to allow themselves to be seen.

They may not always be appreciated by the community as much as they deserve.

It’s time that they’re given the spotlight which is well earned. It’s time that our regions begin to appreciate these exceptional women for all they’ve accomplished in their communities.