You really need an Edgar Allan Poe bust

Some people like their Halloween decor to be as creepy as possible. Others want a tabletop figurine of Edgar Allan Poe on the toilet (for some reason). If you fall into the latter camp, boy, do we have the Halloween decor collection for you! Michaels is selling tons of Edgar Allan Poe-themed Halloween items, and while, yes, one of them does feature ol’ Ed reading on the John, most of them are less silly and more spooky.

These Edgar Allan Poe figurines will give your Halloween decor a literary touch

Best Edgar Allan Poe Bust by Ashland

Ashland 10.8-inch Edgar Allan Poe Bust

For the most classic Poe fan in your life, this 10.8-inch bust features the author in all his stately glory. Place it on a side table, a mantle or in a window to spook passersby. It’s a perfect Halloween decoration, or you can leave it up all year to show your love for spooky literature.

Best Edgar Allan Poe with Crow Canvas Wall Accent by Ashland

Ashland Edgar Allan Poe with Crow Canvas Wall Accent

This wall hanging features Edgar Allan Poe walking down a cobblestone street, cane in hand and trusty raven sidekick perched on his shoulder. The stretched canvas piece measures just over 12 inches tall and includes hanging hardware.

Best The Vault Halloween Party Poes Raven Skull

The Vault Halloween Party Poes Raven Skull

This figurine sets an eerie scene: a stack of books topped with a skull and a spooky raven perched on top. It makes for a fun, spooky centerpiece on your Halloween party table or consider displaying it on a mantle or shelf for the fall season.

Best 8 inch The Raven Book Decoration by Ashland

Ashland 8-inch The Raven Book Decoration

The curling, browned pages of this book display Edgar Allan Poe’s most famous work: “The Raven.” It’s set on an old-fashioned book stand so you can display it wherever you need a little bit more Halloween spirit.

Best 8 inch Edgar Allen Poe Head Container by Ashland

Ashland 8-inch Edgar Allen Poe Head Container

This spooky figurine of Edgar Allan Poe’s head is more than just a display piece. It’s hollowed out so you can use it as a container. The figurine makes the perfect candy bowl for trick-or-treaters or party-goers. You can also use it to house a plant or a festive Halloween display.

Best 7 inch Dead Poe on Toilet Tabletop Décor by Ashland

Ashland 7-inch Dead Poe on Toilet Tabletop Décor

What’s there to say about this decor piece? The audience for it may be limited, but if you want a display piece of Edgar Allan Poe sitting on a toilet with a raven on his shoulder, reading a book and inspecting a skull, here it is — your search is over.

Best 4 inch Faux Raven Skull Tabletop Accent by Ashland

Ashland 4-inch Faux Raven Skull Tabletop Accent

To make your Halloween display as spooky as possible, it definitely needs some skeletons. These faux raven skulls are an excellent choice to add an extra scary element to your decor. 

Best Tales of Mystery Wall Sign by Ashland

Tales of Mystery Wall Sign by Ashland

This is a piece of Halloween decor that you can really leave up all year if you love Edgar Allan Poe. The sign features a vintage style and reads, “Tales of Mystery & Imagination” at the top with clever nods to Poe’s life and some of his most famous works.

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