Why ‘Stranger Things’ is the ultimate Halloween theme

In Netflix’s “Stranger Things” series, supernatural forces terrorize the small Midwestern town of Hawkins in the 1980s, where secret government experiments of time travel and mind control coincide with the hellscape parallel dimension of the Upside Down. 

A masterful combination of science fiction and horror, the show has amassed a cult following and inspired a variety of “Stranger Things” Halloween decorations. This article explores types of Halloween decor, inspiration for “Stranger Things” displays and Halloween product recommendations for fans of the show.

In this article: Gavia Vecna Wall Decor, Netflix Life-Sized “Stranger Things” Animated Giant Demogorgon and Flinelife “Welcome to Hawkins” Wall Sign

Types of Halloween decorations

Whether you’re hosting a “Stranger Things” Halloween party or yard display, there are different types of decorations to consider:

  • Halloween animatronics move on their own and often include creepy sounds and other spooky effects. Some of the best options are motion-activated for a jump-scare effect. 
  • Larger-than-life Halloween decorations typically stand more than 4 feet tall. They’re great for large-scale yard displays and Halloween parties, provided you have the space for them.
  • Halloween wall decorations can replace your everyday photos and art with chill-inducing, spooky alternatives.
  • Hanging Halloween decorations from the ceiling helps create an immersive effect, like you’re surrounded by spookiness. 
  • Halloween yard decorations such as signs, garden ornaments, yard stakes and inflatables can transform your lawn for the holiday.
  • Miniature Halloween props can be used to decorate food and drink tables, fireplace mantels and more.  

Scary ‘Stranger Things’ Halloween decor ideas

Get creative and have fun with key scenes, settings or props from the “Stranger Things” universe. 

The alphabet prop

While Will is trapped in the Upside Down, his mother, Joyce, learns to communicate with him using lights. In her living room, Joyce paints an alphabet on the wall and each letter corresponds with a light. You can find recreations of this alphabet prop online or make one yourself with letter decals and multicolored string lights. 

The Upside Down

Recreating the Upside Down can give party guests or trick-or-treaters an immersive “Stranger Things” experience. You can drape black cloths around the house and switch your regular light bulbs with red bulbs to convey the ominous lighting of this parallel dimension. Incorporate yard signs, wall art and larger-than-life decorations depicting main characters and monsters.

Incorporate main characters

There are a variety of Halloween decorations depicting characters in the show, typically wall art and yard signs. Central figures to look out for are Mike, Eleven (Jane), Dustin, Will, Lucas, Max and Eddie. 

Bring on the monsters

The scariest “Stranger Things” Halloween setups feature the terror-inducing monsters that plague the town of Hawkins. Creatures from the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game appear in the show, including Demogorgon the Prince of Demons, the Mind Flayer or Shadow Monster, the humanoid monster Vecna, and the Demobats that inhabit the Upside Down. 

Best ‘Stranger Things’ Halloween decorations

Best Gavia Vecna Wall Decor

Gavia Vecna Wall Decor

Vecna is the show’s central villain, and no “Stranger Things” Halloween setup is complete without him. This set of Vecna skulls is intricately detailed; you can use them as a tabletop decoration or mount them on a wall.  

Best Netflix Life-Sized 'Stranger Things' Animated Giant Demogorgon

Netflix Life-Sized “Stranger Things” Animated Giant Demogorgon

The Demogorgon is one of the deadliest monsters to terrify the town of Hawkins, aside from Vecna. This realistic depiction towers 7.5 feet tall, complete with animated motion and sounds.

Best Lofaris 'Stranger Things' Rustic Alphabet Banner

Lofaris “Stranger Things” Rustic Alphabet Banner

Guests to your Halloween party can pose in front of this themed alphabet banner if you hang it up on the wall; otherwise, it makes a great tablecloth. 

Best ThePopWorkshop Upside Down Guitar Scene Yard Art


ThePopWorkshop Upside Down Guitar Scene Yard Art

Eddie Munsen playing Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” in the Upside Down surrounded by a horde of Demobats is one of the show’s most iconic scenes. The yard signs are made of weather-resistant polyvinyl chloride. You’ll have to purchase mounting materials separately. 


Best ThePopWorkshop Sci-Fi Halloween Yard Art


ThePopWorkshop Sci-Fi Halloween Yard Art

This “Stranger Things” yard art includes characters Eddie Munsen, Eleven and Vecna, along with the grandfather clock that signals Vecna’s approach with its eerie chimes. The figures are made of quality PVC that will withstand fall weather, but mounting materials aren’t included — it’s easy enough to support them with rebar ground stakes and all-weather duct tape, though.   

Best Flinelife Welcome to Hawkins Wall Sign

Flinelife “Welcome to Hawkins” Wall Sign

Hell has come to Hawkins. You can mount this “Stranger Things” sign on the wall or attach it to a post and display it like a road sign in your front yard.

Best DearneDesignsUK Welcome To The Upside Down Sign

DearneDesignsUK “Welcome to the Upside Down” Sign

This “Stranger Things” wall sign is perfect for welcoming trick-or-treaters at your front door. It closely resembles the show’s ’80s-inspired title sequence design.  

Best NotYourMomsMetalShop Mini Demogorgon Yard Stake

NotYourMomsMetalShop Mini Demogorgon Yard Stake

This miniature Demogorgon yard stake is designed to project a large shadow on a wall when paired with a spotlight. The stake is made of durable, powder-coated metal that resists weather damage.

Best FrindtFabrications Metal Yard Stake Shadow Caster

FrindtFabrications Metal Yard Stake Shadow Caster

The infamous Mind Flayer in “Stranger Things” is another big, bad character you can display in your yard. When paired with a spotlight, the yard stake casts a long shadow against exterior walls.

Best ParallelLabs Vecna Candy Bowl

ParallelLabs Vecna Candy Bowl

Planning on throwing a “Stranger Things” Halloween party? This unique Vecna-themed candy bowl will look great on a food and drinks table. 

Best Paladone 'Stranger Things' Logo Light

Paladone “Stranger Things” Logo Light

Another nod to the show’s iconic title sequence, this logo can be wall-mounted or used for table decor. It has two light modes and is powered using the included micro USB or with three AAA batteries, which must be purchased separately.

Best RoomMates 'Stranger Things' Demogorgon Wall Decal

RoomMates “Stranger Things” Demogorgon Wall Decal 

This Demogorgon wall decal has an easy peel-and-stick application; it’s removable, repositionable and doesn’t leave any sticky residue behind. The brand offers other “Stranger Things” decals, including those featuring main characters, the alphabet wall and the Upside Down.

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