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What is the best Foreo product?

Foreo is a Swedish health and beauty brand founded by Filip Sedic in 2013. The brand creates beauty-tech skin solutions and products that transform your regular grooming routine into a luxurious at-home spa treatment that leaves you feeling revitalized and beautiful. The Foreo Luna Mini 3 Silicone Face Cleansing Brush is the best Foreo product, versatile and travel-friendly. 

What to know before you buy a Foreo product

Skin type

Foreo products can be used on all skin types, and some are designed in different colors tailored to particular skin types. For example, the Luna 3 comes in pink for normal skin, purple for sensitive skin and blue for combination skin. 

Connected to the app

To get the full experience of your Foreo device, you need to download the Foreo app to your phone and link it to the device. The app tells you how to use each product and is automated with a soothing, relaxing voice. While the products can be used without being connected to the app, you will not get all the features available and will have a less pleasurable, less optimized experience.  

T-sonic technologies

Foreo makes use of its trademarked T-sonic pulsation technology. The “T” in “T-sonic” stands for transdermal, which means that the device’s pulsations travel through the outer layers of the skin to deeply cleanse it of debris that clogs the pores, such as dirt and makeup. The pulsations also help exfoliate the skin, getting rid of dead skin cells, making it easier for the skin to absorb active ingredients from skin care products

Models and sizes

Most Foreo products are made in different models that differ in size. Some have a full-sized and a mini version; others have three sizes. If you’ll be traveling, a mini size will be the most portable. 

What to look for in a quality Foreo product

Silicone bristles

According to Foreo, its classic Luna massagers were the world’s first cleansing massagers with silicone bristles. Foreo uses silicone and thermoplastic polymer instead of the more commonly used nylon. Silicone absorbs less water than nylon, making it dry faster. This discourages the growth of bacteria and makes Foreo massagers more hygienic. 

Magnetic disc

All Foreo devices come with a magnetic silicone disc. This disc is a scratch card known as the authenticity card — it reveals a serial number or voucher code that helps you register the device with the app. This ensures that your device is authentic and will work correctly.

Long-lasting power

Some Foreo devices are equipped with USB rechargeable ports and come with USB cables. Other devices are battery operated and require a change of batteries after extended use. Regardless of whether they’re rechargeable or battery-operated, the devices are durable and have long-lasting power. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Foreo product

Expect to spend about $10-$300 for most products, although some cost up to $8,800.

Foreo product FAQ

Can I use my Foreo device in the shower?

A. Yes, they are waterproof and safe to be used in the shower.

How often should I use my Foreo?

A. It can be used every day.

How often should I replace my Foreo batteries?

A. The batteries can last up to eight weeks.

What’s the best Foreo product to buy?

Top Foreo product

Best Foreo Luna Mini 3 Silicone Cleansing Brush

Foreo Luna Mini 3 Silicone Cleansing Brush 

What you need to know: This USB rechargeable cleansing face brush is suitable for all skin types.

What you’ll love: Its sonic pulsations offer 12 intensities, letting you adjust it to your preferred level. Higher intensities are usually used for exfoliation while lower ones are used for anti-aging routines. It fits into the palm of your hand like a bar of soap, making it convenient to use and easy to travel with.

What you should consider: This mini version of the full-sized Luna 3 doesn’t offer different models for different skin types.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon, Sephora and Kohl’s 

Top Foreo product for the money

Best Foreo Call It A Night Revitalizing And Nourishing Ufo Activated Mask

Foreo Call It a Night Revitalizing and Nourishing Ufo Activated Mask 

What you need to know: This revitalizing face mask is suitable for all skin types.

What you’ll love: It uses thermo therapy, which helps open up your pores, improving the level at which products are absorbed. Its olive oil and ginseng concentrates help lock in moisture on the skin surface and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. 

What you should consider: It is highly concentrated and might feel sticky on the skin. Also, it works best with the Foreo Ufo device, as it was made to be paired with it.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Sephora

Worth checking out

Best Foreo Bear Microcurrent Facial Device

Foreo Bear Microcurrent Facial Device 

What you need to know: This non-invasive facial sculpting tool is palm-sized and shaped like a bear.

What you’ll love: It uses microcurrent technology to ease tension around the face and neck area. This enhances the skin, giving it a firmer and more toned appearance. Its built-in anti-shock system automatically adjusts the microcurrents according to your skin’s needs, so it is always safe to use, with no chance of shock when used with water.

What you should consider: Because it uses microcurrents, it should not be used on bare skin, but with a conductive serum.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 


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