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What are the best New Chapter vitamins?

For 40 years, the Vermont-based company New Chapter has produced premium-grade vitamins and health supplements. The mission is to make products that are easily absorbed by the digestive system and promote whole body wellness. This is accomplished through high-quality raw materials, fermentation and no genetically modified ingredients. As a certified B Corporation, they approach business holistically to care for people and the planet in addition to profits.

New Chapter manufactures a complete line of vitamins, including single vitamins like B12 and D3, multivitamins for men and women at different stages of life, and tasty gummies. For its impact on the immune system and stress response for women 40 and older, the best New Chapter vitamins are the New Chapter Every Woman’s One Daily 40-Plus Multivitamin.

What to know before you buy New Chapter vitamins

How does fermentation work?

New Chapter vitamins are considered to be especially good for the body because they are fermented. This means that organic yeast and whole foods are put through a probiotic fermentation process. The yeast absorbs nutrients into its cell structure and then fruit enzymes prepare them for pre-digestion by breaking down the cell wall.

Why is fermentation important?

Fermented vitamins and minerals have nutrients that are already broken down. This means they are pre-digested and ready for the body to absorb right away. Other vitamins have synthetic nutrients that can be harsh on the digestive system and may pass through without their full potential being experienced. Fermentation jump-starts the digestive process and ensures you get the most nutrients from each serving.

What forms do New Chapter vitamins come in?

New Chapter vitamins come in multivitamin tablets, tasty gummies and also a variety of single vitamin and mineral tablets, such as zinc, iron, vitamin C and vitamin B12. All tablets and gummies have been fermented for easy absorption by the body.

What to look for in New Chapter vitamins


New Chapter vitamins are Non-GMO Project verified. This third-party verification ensures that the products do not have any genetically modified organisms, which are plant or microorganisms that have been genetically engineered in a laboratory.


New Chapter vitamins are made without any additives, and the raw materials are verified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture to ensure the highest quality of ingredients. The manufacturing process is certified organic by Where Food Comes from Organic. 

They also have a gluten-free certification from the National Sanitation Federation.

Environmentally friendly containers

All bottles are made with 99% recycled material, excluding the cap, to remain committed to New Chapter’s mission of protecting the planet and people with their business processes.

Kosher vitamins

New Chapter vitamins have been certified kosher, which means there are no products or remnants in the production process of non-kosher ingredients.


New Chapter offers a full money-back guarantee on its vitamins. You may return any New Chapter product for a full refund if you are not satisfied.

How much you can expect to spend on New Chapter vitamins

There are three forms of New Chapter vitamins.

  • Gummies are priced at 40 cents per gummy.
  • Multivitamins vary in price based on the application (women’s and men’s multivitamins range from $0.67-$1 per tablet and immune system multivitamins are $1.20 per tablet). 
  • Single vitamins range from 45-60 cents per tablet.

New Chapter vitamins FAQ

What is blue agave fiber?                    

A. Blue agave fiber comes from a Mexican succulent that can be extracted and turned into sugar. It is used to sweeten the vitamins without adding extra cane sugar.

Does the brand offer vitamins for pregnant women?

A. Yes, there are vitamins for each stage, from preconception to birth and postnatal care. The vitamins are designed to be easy to digest, and they help with energy, mood and the immune system for the mother or mother-to-be and provide essential nutrients for the baby’s development.

What is distinctive about men’s 40-plus and 55-plus vitamins?

A. These vitamins are formulated for men’s health as they get older. They focus on heart health and prostate support with saw palmetto and pumpkin seed.

What are the best New Chapter vitamins to buy?

Top New Chapter vitamins

Best New Chapter Every Womans One Daily 40+ Multivitamin

New Chapter Every Woman’s One Daily 40-Plus Multivitamin

What you need to know: This multivitamin is formulated especially for women 40 and older and is focused on stress, energy, hormones, immune system and bone support.

What you’ll love: Fermented with whole foods and probiotics, these multivitamins are made for easy absorption. They can be consumed on an empty stomach any time of day with no nausea. They are made with super foods like turmeric, ginger and fenugreek.

What you should consider: The tablets are large and difficult to swallow for some consumers.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and iHerb

Top New Chapter vitamins for the money

Best New Chapter Kids Organic Elderberry Gummies

New Chapter Kids Organic Elderberry Gummies

What you need to know: These affordable gummies are made from organic haschberg type black elderberry for children over two years old.

What you’ll love: These elderberry gummies are formulated to strengthen children’s immune systems. Parents love that they are made without corn syrup, cane sugar, artificial colors and flavors. They are also free of gluten and gelatin.

What you should consider: Some parents were concerned that over half of the packaging is cotton filler.  

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and iHerb

Worth checking out

Best New Chapter Fermented Vitamin D3

New Chapter Fermented Vitamin D3

What you need to know: Simple to swallow, these organic tablets come in fermented form for easy absorption of bioactive vitamin D3.

What you’ll love: There is 2,000 IU of vitamin D3 supported by Reishi mushrooms and fermented turmeric for better absorption. Intended to be taken daily, this vitamin supports the immune system, heart health and better absorption of calcium for bone health.  

What you should consider: They are more expensive than a majority of vitamin D3 supplements on the market.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and iHerb


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