Which fingertip grip is the best?

Gloves are often used to protect hands and fingers and improve grip. However, there are many circumstances where gloves are too bulky to be used without inconvenience. Detailed work that requires optimum finger dexterity, protection and delicacy calls for rubber fingertip grips.

The Wisdompro 16-Piece Finger Tips provide protection, ventilation and enhanced grip with a special hole to allow those with longer nails to still be able to comfortably wear them. They are available in two colors and are perfect for any jobs that require fine movement as well as protection.

What to consider before you buy a fingertip grip

What are fingertip grips for?

Fingertip grips are used by those who need extra grip to more easily flip through paperwork, perform delicate electronic work or sew. Many people also use them while cooking, working on crafts or even to help them grip the caps on tightly sealed containers for easier opening in place of a dedicated jar opener. Whether you’re counting change or knitting, fingertip grips allow you to maintain a delicate touch while still being protected from mild burns or cuts. 

Your usage

Fingertip grips are simple items, but they come in different configurations with some including features that are more appropriate for different tasks. Think about how you will be primarily using your fingertip grips and select ones that will not include extra features like textures or vents that may actually hinder your work.


Fingertip grips are sold in bulk and are generally not meant to last forever. Because of their small size, you will also likely find yourself misplacing them and simply grabbing a new one as opposed to spending your time trying to locate the one you were using. Consider this while shopping, as more expensive grips may not make economical sense depending on how quickly you think you may go through them or how willing you are to keep careful track of where they end up when you remove them.

What to look for in a quality fingertip grip


Consider the work you will be performing and select fingertip grips with the appropriate thickness. Thick grips may be better for those who use sharp objects or are at risk of sustaining burns from hot solder or glue, but they reduce the amount of feeling you will have in your fingertip. Thicker grips may therefore result in more clumsiness and may not be the best choice if you are only looking to enhance the stickiness of your fingers for sorting through money or papers.


Some fingertip protectors feature textures meant to enhance their grip. Ridges and bumps can help some people grasp items, while these same textures may cause threads or yarn to become stuck during sewing or needlework. Think carefully about how you intend to use your grips to ensure that you don’t purchase a model that works against you.


Like rubber gloves, fingertip grips can become sweaty during prolonged use. Many models feature vents and holes that allow for better airflow and moisture reduction. If you find rubber gloves to be especially uncomfortable due to sweat, select fingertip grips that allow for better ventilation.


Fingertip grips are available in various lengths. Some cover only the very tip of your finger while others may cover up to your second knuckle. Longer grips can potentially be rolled to your desired length, but this may cause them to become uncomfortably tight. Select fingertip grips that will reach the parts of your finger you wish to cover or protect.

Nail hole

Some fingertip grips feature a cutout that allows long fingernails to extend past the grip without interfering with its fit. These are great choices for those who wear their nails long, but the extra hole will also likely be appreciated by anyone who likes better ventilation in their grips. Keep in mind that a nail hole will require you to wear the grips in the right orientation, as opposed to those without a nail hole that can be easily slipped on without looking.

How much you can expect to spend on a fingertip grip

Fingertip grips are sold in bulk with some packs containing dozens. Even the largest packs tend to cost between $15-$30, although grips with added features may cost as much as $10 for a package containing far fewer.

Fingertip grip FAQ

Are fingertip grips one-size-fits-all?

A. Generally, yes. Because they are made from stretchy, flexible rubber, most fingertip grips are designed to accommodate a wide range of finger sizes. However, some brands do provide size options and some bulk packs feature assorted sizes.

Will fingertip grips prevent burns?

A. In some cases, yes. Minor fingertip burns from hot electronics or solder can be prevented or lessened by fingertip grips. However, they are not a substitute for the burn protection offered by specialized gloves and they do not provide full hand coverage.

Are fingertip grips dangerous?

A. The biggest danger associated with fingertip grips is choking. Because they are often available in bright colors, they can easily attract the attention of small children and pets. Keep your fingertip grips safely out of reach if you use them in situations where kids or animals may discover them.

What are the best fingertip grips to buy?

Top fingertip grip

Wisdompro 16-Piece Finger Tips

Wisdompro 16-Piece Finger Tips

What you need to know: Available in two colors, these grips feature nail holes and ventilation in various sizes.

What you’ll love: These silicone fingertip protectors include a textured grip, a hole to accommodate a fingernail and additional venting to prevent moisture buildup. Available in blue or pink in a package of 16.

What you should consider: Assorted sizes may not accommodate all fingers.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top fingertip grips for the money

Swingline Products - Swingline - Rubber Finger Tips

Swingline Products – Swingline – Rubber Finger Tips

What you need to know: These basic, budget fingertip grips feature a textured surface.

What you’ll love: Designed for a universal fit, these neutral-colored fingertip grips are easy to put on and remove. Great for preventing paper cuts.

What you should consider: These grips do not feature any ventilation and are very thin.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Staples

Worth checking out

Griply Rubber Finger Tips

Griply Rubber Finger Tips

What you need to know: These fingertip grips feature an open design for better airflow.

What you’ll love: These grips allow the very tip of your finger to poke through, but still enhance your grip with their dimpled texture. They are available in five sizes.

What you should consider: Does not fully protect your finger from injury. Only available in red.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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