Dogs love frozen treats, especially when it’s hot out

During these warmer temperatures, pet owners must take special care of their pets in the summer heat. If your dog enjoys playing in the water or relaxing on a cooling dog mat, keeping them cool is easy. However, some dogs need a little more encouragement, and one of the quickest ways to cool off your pup is a frozen treat — also known as pupsicles.

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Are pupsicles safe for dogs?

Depending on the ingredients, a pupsicle is generally a safe way to hydrate a dog when it’s hot outside. Dog-friendly flavors like peanut butter, yogurt or even meat options like chicken and beef will not only have your pet salivating, but these ingredients are also generally safe for your dog.

Another way to feed your dog a “pupsicle” is to make one by freezing water. It won’t have any extra taste like the pupsicles and puppy ice creams below, but dogs will enjoy licking it to stay cool. It will also keep them hydrated, too.

Best pupiscles for dogs 

Two bags of Luv Tails Pupsiclez Pooch Ice Pops, one yellow and one green

Luv Tails Pupsiclez Pooch Ice Pops

These dog-safe ice pops come in two flavors: pumpkin banana and mint flavor and apple, peanut butter and turmeric flavor. This two-pack comes with six pops of each flavor. Each single-serve pop can be fed individually as a frozen pop or water enhancer for increased hydration.

Sold by Amazon

Six reusable cups for ice cream treats with lids and a bone-shaped treat cup holder

GoSports Pets PupsCream Parlor

This ice pop kit comes with a mess-free lick mat, a nonslip frozen dog treat and ice cream holder and six reusable cups and lids. It’s dishwasher-safe and compatible with most store-brand ice cream cups, but it also works for DIY pupsicles, keeping them sturdy and in place as your dog licks away.

Sold by Amazon

a white bag of MyPup Slushy Dog Treats (chicken flavor) with pictures of the yellow tubes of treats inside

MyPup Slushy Dog Treats 

Available in chicken, beef or peanut butter flavors, these treats come in a 54-pack. Each slushy is human-grade, dairy-free and grain-free. To use, freeze these treats for four hours, then gently massage the pop until it becomes slushy. Serve it to your dog in either a bowl or as a pop.

Sold by Amazon

A refillable dog treat ball, a silicone tray for freezing treats (4 round cupcake-shaped molds included in the tray), and a bag of refill treats (Pupsicle Pops)

Woof Pupiscle Starter Pack

This refillable starter bundle includes the Woof Pupsicle dog toy, re-freezable treat trays (which can also be used for DIY pupsicles) and one bag of freezable treats. Each treat has only nine ingredients: chicken, peanut butter, tapioca starch, beef tallow, rice syrup, glycerin, lecithin, gelatin and blueberry powder. To use, spoon the treats into the re-freezable tray and let them freeze for at least four hours. Pop one pop at a time into the no-mess treat toy when set. It has slots for capturing your dog’s drool as they endure long licking sessions of 30 minutes or more.

Sold by Amazon and MyWoof 

a black label and cup with a picture of a dog eating out of the cup

Yoghund YoPup Frozen Pumpkin and Bacon Yogurt Cups

This yogurt-based “ice cream” for dogs is pumpkin- and bacon-flavored. Each cup contains two billion probiotics that promote a healthy digestive system and support overall immunity.

Sold by Petco

a light blue bag of beef flavored dog slushy treats with a picture of a happy dog on it

Paw Pops Grain Free Dog Slushy

This grain-free slushy option is beef-flavored but also available in chicken flavor. It comes with six pops and is human-grade and dairy-free.

Sold by Petsmart 

an orange bag with a picture of three frozen peanut butter dog treats in tubes

WholeHearted Slushy Squeez Peanut Butter Frozen Pop Treats

Made by WholeHearted, these squeezable slushies are made in the USA with globally sourced, human-grade ingredients that contain vitamins and less than 50 calories per serving. Each pop is grain-free and tastes like peanut butter.

Sold by Petco and Amazon

a small tub of peanut butter and pretzel ice cream for dogs with pictures of dogs playing in a field

Ben & Jerry’s Doggie Desserts Pontch’s Mix Peanut Butter & Pretzel Swirl Frozen Dog Treats

This frozen dog dessert is made with Non-GMO Project-certified ingredients like Fair Trade-Certified sugar and vanilla flavors. Each cup holds 4 fluid ounces and comes in responsibly sourced packaging that’s better for the environment. In addition to the peanut butter base, it also includes pretzel swirls for an extra punch of flavor.

Sold by Petco

Six bags of 3 tubes each, containing Inaba Mega Churu Squeezable Puree Dog Treat in chicken and cheese flavor

Inaba Mega Churu Squeezable Puree Dog Treat 

Fortified with vitamin E, this chicken and cheese puree recipe is grain-free and lickable. A total of 18 1.69-ounce tubes come in this six-pack, which can be used as regular puree, a meal topper, a water enhancer or a frozen treat.

Sold by Amazon

a small tub of banana flavored ice cream for dogs, with a picture of an ice cream cone and bananas on it

Cloud Star Wag More Bark Less Human-Grade Iced Treat 

Made with natural bananas, this human-grade iced treat is a dog-friendly version of ice cream. Besides real banana, its other ingredients include coconut cream, tapioca syrup and plenty of probiotics. It’s also dairy-free and baked in the USA.

Sold by Petco 

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