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Which women’s boot socks are best?

When colder months arrive,  stay toasty and warm with a great pair of boot socks. Women’s boot socks can be stylish but can also be worn for relaxing at home. One women’s boot sock that encompasses all those features is the Dickies Women’s Dritech Advanced Moisture-Wicking Sock. These socks are durable and provide a decent amount of stretch and hold while being budget-friendly due to coming in pair bundles. 

What to know before you buy women’s boot socks

What are boot socks?

Boot socks are thicker than normal socks, usually worn during the winter months. When worn with women’s boots, they help provide added warmth to your feet and a cushion between your legs and the footwear. These socks have different lengths, with some going all the way up the calf and others stopping midcalf of the leg. Design-wise, some boot socks can be fashionable while others are more functional and recommended for labor activities. They’re often better to wear with boots than normal socks because boot socks are longer, so they won’t fall down your foot as easily.

Your feet and boot socks

When it comes to sock buying, it is important to know your feet and how they are shaped. Knowing their shape will help you in deciding what features to focus on when making a purchase. For example, if you have higher arches, you may want to look for socks that have added support in those areas. If you have wider feet, boot socks with stretchy fabric can help give you a better fit. 

Thick and thin fabrics

Some socks can be slouchy and thin, which can cause blisters for some people. While thinner may be more appealing, these socks have been known to tear and unravel faster than thicker socks. On the other hand, thin socks are more breathable and give you more foot room in your boots. Thicker socks can come in handy if you are wearing boots that may be a little large in the toe box. Choosing between thick or thin boot socks comes down to preference and your foot’s needs. 

What to look for in quality women’s boot socks


Boot socks that are made with moisture-wicking fabrics help with keeping your feet dry and comfortable throughout the day. When wearing these socks, typically it is for multiple hours at a time. The moisture-wicking properties will help in preventing any blistering and sweating that may occur when you wear the socks.

Snug fit 

You want a sock that fits and stays up on its own. Socks that constantly need to be pulled up and adjusted can be annoying and time-consuming. Snug-fitting socks will have some spandex and elastic in them to help them stay up on your leg and may be a little tight upon first use, but the more you wear them the more they will stretch and form to your lower leg. 

Comfort and support

Socks should always be comfortable, from the toe seams to the calves. This comfort and support can appear as compression in certain areas of the sock to help with circulation and mobility. If you are sensitive to some of the basic sock designs, look for boot socks that are made with softer fabrics and have a no-show toe seam. In addition, compression designs at the arches and top of the foot provide the support you may not get in a regular sock or with your boots. 

How much you can expect to spend on women’s boot socks

Boot socks in general are not very expensive, with costs ranging from $12-$40 for both single and multiple pairs. 

Women’s boot socks FAQ

Are boot socks compression socks?

A. No. While some boot socks have compression components around the foot arch and top of the foot for circulation, they are not considered true compression socks. Compression socks are designed to help with increasing blood flow in the legs and reduce swelling. 

How do you wear boot socks?

A. They can be worn a couple of ways. They help keep pant legs in place and provide comfort when wearing tall boots. In addition, they can be shown in shorter boots for a more trendy look. 

What are the best women’s boot socks to buy?

Top women’s boot socks

Dickies Women's Dritech Advanced Moisture Wicking Sock

Dickies Women’s Dritech Advanced Moisture-Wicking Sock

What you need to know: These compression-style socks feature built-in arch support and cushion near the heel. 

What you’ll love: These socks have moisture-wicking fabric, which will help keep your feet dry and warm while offering ventilation to prevent sweating and blistering. 

What you should consider: Users mentioned that the socks were too tight and constricting for their liking. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top women’s boot socks for the money

Wrangler Women's Western Boot Socks

Wrangler Women’s Western Boot Socks 

What you need to know: These classic boot socks have a fit and style that stay in place and offer complete heel and arch support. 

What you’ll love: They are machine washable, made from a breathable polyester blend and have a no-show toe seam. 

What you should consider: Because of the style, these socks might be better for those who have smaller calves as the socks can be tight near the leg. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

UGG Women's Rib Knit Slouchy Crew Sock

UGG Women’s Rib Knit Slouchy Crew Sock

What you need to know: This midcalf sock is made with a stylish, soft and cozy knit.

What you’ll love: These socks are great for shorter boots as well as lounging at home.

What you should consider: These socks are on the more expensive side since they do not come in bundles. Only one pair comes with a purchase.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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