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Which ski boot bag is best?

If you’re a ski enthusiast, chances are you travel all over the world. Hauling your ski gear with you isn’t only difficult, but it can also be damaging if you don’t use the proper packing methods. For boots specifically, there are many excellent options. Some even double as a backpack that is carry-on compatible for flights.

The best ski boot bag is the Swix Rolled Boot Bag. It has expandable waterproof storage with two separate boot compartments for increased ventilation. The backpack straps are also comfortable.

What to know before you buy a ski boot bag

Ski boot bag types

Ski boot bags usually come in duffel or backpack types.

  • Duffel bags typically hold your boots and that’s it, though they can fit small items between the boots. Some are well padded, others are just a thin bag. They are usually more affordable.
  • Backpack bags are good for traveling with as little luggage as possible. Some only fit your boots, but most have plenty of extra internal space or pockets for packing all kinds of gear. They are easier to carry too but are typically expensive.


Most ski boot bags are roughly the same size and can fit almost any size boot. If you have larger-than-usual boots, make sure your prospective bag is big enough to fit inside without straining.


Ski boot bags are unique from other bags thanks to the small holes they have. These are just big enough to allow water to drain or evaporate out without running the risk of losing small items. Never store ski boots inside a bag with no draining ability — otherwise, it’ll be infested with mildew.


Most ski boot bags come in dark colors to hide any dampness or old water stains. If you do find a lightly colored bag, bear in mind that its color likely won’t last longer than a few ski trips.

What to look for in a quality ski boot bag


The main material of a ski boot bag should be resistant to water and other winter weather. Better bags also have reinforced seams or use extra-thick materials to prevent tearing. Polyester is common, strong choice.

Zippers and padding

If you’re traveling by car, you don’t need much in the way of zippers or padding. When traveling by plane, you should look for a few key elements. 

  • Padding: You’ll want heavier protection for checked bags. Carry-on bags should still have light padding to protect against jostling. 
  • Zipper: Checked bags should prioritize zippers with large enough holes for a lock. Any bag should also have zippers strong enough to handle boots shifting and pressing against them.

How much you can expect to spend on a ski boot bag

Midrange ski boot bags start around $50 and can cost as much as $100. If you rarely travel you can safely spend $30-$50. The best bags exceed $100 but usually hold more than just boots.

Ski boot bag FAQ

What are the airfare travel restrictions regarding ski boot bags?

A. Flying with ski gear is a surprisingly simple process. Ski boot bags, depending on their form, can be checked or treated as carry-on. If you’re checking it, most airlines treat an accompanying ski or snowboard bag as part of the boot bag. This means you won’t need to pay for an extra checked bag for the rest of your gear. You will need to purchase an additional checked bag for other luggage. If you’re treating it as a carry-on, you should triple-check the size and dimension restrictions of your airline before packing. Otherwise, you’ll wind up paying to check it. 

Should I buy a ski boot bag separately from other ski-related packing gear?

A. Yes and no. Buying a boot bag separately from your ski or snowboard bag will cost more. However, you can be sure that each bag is high-quality with enough protection. When purchasing them in bundles, you usually save a good amount of money. However, most bundled bags have limited features such as padding or extra space. If you travel regularly or by air, you should buy them separately. If you travel rarely or by car, you can buy them together.

What’s the best ski boot bag to buy?

Top ski boot bag 

Swix Rolled Boot Bag

Swix Rolled Boot Bag

What you need to know: This bag is adjustable for precise packing.

What you’ll love: The top can be rolled or unrolled to adjusted for its contents and is waterproof. Each boot has its own compartment for improved ventilation. The shoulder straps are comfortable and adjustable. It has a padded laptop compartment. A small front pouch is perfect for your keys, etc.

What you should consider: It’s one of the bulkier bags. It has no alternate colors or sizes. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Backcountry

Top ski boot bag for the money

Athletico Ski And Boot Bag Combo

Athletico Two-piece Ski and Boot Bag Combo

What you need to know: This two-piece combo is perfect for saving money.

What you’ll love: It comes in black with white, pink or blue trim. The boot bag is big enough to also fit a helmet. The ski bag can hold up to two pairs of skis and has an adjustable length to cut out empty space.

What you should consider: Neither bag has any padding for protection — it’s best for traveling by car, not by air. Its ski storage length is functionally lower than what’s listed.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Db The Hugger

Db The Hugger

What you need to know: This is an excellent ski boot bag/backpack combo.

What you’ll love: The bag can fully unzip like a suitcase for easy boot packing. The upper compartment can hold your goggles and gloves. It uses a hook-up system to connect with other bags from the same brand. The sides use rib cage-like construction for protection. It’s available in black and red. 

What you should consider: It doesn’t have the ventilation ability of a pure ski boot bag. Its laptop compartment opening is too narrow to fit full-sized computers.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

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