Which Funko POP! keychains are best?

Funko has expanded its wildly popular POP! brand into daily life with Funko POP! keychains. These pocket-sized versions of the company’s vinyl figures add character to something that most people use every day. They also give fans of the company’s full-size Funko POP! figures something else to collect and display. 

And just like Funko’s full-size figures, there’s no shortage of choices when it comes to Funko POP! keychains. Fans who want a keychain as fun as a full-size POP! can’t miss the Funko POP! Keychain Deadpool Bath Time.

What to know before you buy Funko POP! keychains


Funko makes a wide variety of POP! keychains, so it’s worth researching to see if there’s a keychain with your favorite character’s likeness. For particularly popular brands such as Disney and Marvel, there may be more than one Funko POP! keychain for the same character. 


Similar to Funko POP! figures, some Funko POP! keychains are exclusive to a specific retailer. Others may only be available for a limited time if they tie into a popular franchise or recently released movie. Keychains also get retired the same way that figures do. Fans looking for a specific Funko POP! keychain should bring their choice home before it sells out.


Many Funko POP! keychains are priced similarly to other keychains. However, because they’re also considered collectibles, just like other Funko products, fans may have to pay more for popular characters or special versions. Certain Funko POP! keychains are more expensive than buying a full-size Funko POP! figure.

What to look for in quality Funko POP! keychains


Funko POP! keychains are designed to be used on a daily basis. That means they’re going to get picked up, dropped, bumped into or otherwise handled more than a collectible that sits on a shelf. Choose a keychain that has a decent size and weight so that it holds its own as you take it with you everywhere. Most retailers list the size on product pages.


Fans should look for a Funko POP! keychain that’s as fun as a full-size Funko POP! figure. The entire point of having a novelty keychain is to represent a character or fandom that you love. Does the keychain resemble the character? Are the colors accurate and bright to make it stand out? Even better is a keychain that adds something to set it apart from other depictions of the character.

Small parts

Avoid Funko POP! keychains that have small parts. Since Funko POP! keychains are already tiny, small parts such as accessories or pointy ears are even smaller. That makes those pieces more likely to get bent or broken off when the keychain is kept in a pocket, purse or backpack.

How much you can expect to spend on Funko POP! keychains

Funko POP! keychains range from $6-$20. Most retail for $10 and under.

Funko POP! keychains FAQ

Does every Funko POP! figure have a keychain counterpart?

A. Funko POP! and Funko POP! keychains are separate product lines, so not every POP! will be represented in keychain format. However, that also means you can find characters in the keychain lineup that aren’t available as full-size POP! figures.

How much can Funko POP! keychains hold?

A. Funko POP! keychains have a smaller-than-average key ring. The average Funko POP! keychain is approximately 3 inches long, and half of that is the figure. If you have a small number of keys, you should have no problem using a Funko POP! keychain. People who have more than four or five keys, or who keep larger items such as flash drives or key fobs on their keychains, may run out of room.

What are the best Funko POP! keychains to buy?

Top Funko POP! keychain

Funko Pop Keychain Deadpool Bath Time

Funko POP! Keychain Deadpool Bath Time

What you need to know: An entertaining version of a fan-favorite Marvel character that offers an irreverent twist on his usual look.

What you’ll love: The shower cap and rubber ducky elevates this from a standard Deadpool keychain. Even non-Marvel fans will be able to get a laugh out of the concept.

What you should consider: Has lots of amusing but small details that may be missed on an already small keychain.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Funko POP! keychain for the money

Funko Pop Keychain Stitch

Funko POP! Keychain Stitch

What you need to know: One of Disney’s most gregarious characters comes to life on this keychain, with a great expression that will make fans smile every time they pull out their keys.

What you’ll love: Has a wonderful look that gives this keychain personality. Colors are bright and accurate to the character. Bigger than the average Funko POP! keychain, thanks to Stitch’s prominent ears.

What you should consider: It’s the most basic depiction of the Stitch character and misses out by not including some of his creative accessories. One of the more expensive Funko POP! keychains.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Funko Pop Keychain Optimus Prime

Funko POP! Keychain Optimus Prime

What you need to know: This pocket version of the most popular Transformer pops with color and captures everything that makes the character stand out.

What you’ll love: It looks exactly like Optimus Prime, so everyone will recognize it. A slightly larger size provides some additional weight. The boxy shape makes this keychain easier and more comfortable to keep in a pocket or small purse since there are no sharp corners to poke or stick out.

What you should consider: Since it’s a robot, it has no facial expression, unlike many Funko POP! keychains. Some fans may be disappointed that it does not transform.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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