Which Stuart Minion toys are best?

Fictional creatures called minions first appeared in the movie “Despicable Me.” Minions are small and yellow and are shaped like capsules. Most have two large eyes but some have only one, like Stuart Minion. Minions are bald and have no ears or noses. Minions wear blue overalls, black rubber gloves, shoes and goggles. 

The three most familiar of the minions are Kevin, Bob and Stuart. Minions are mischief makers and absent minded, but possess exceptional engineering qualities like the STEM scientists they are. If you are looking for a Stuart Minion toy that laughs and giggles, take a look at the The Rise of Gru: Stuart Minion Laugh & Giggle Plush Toy.

What to know before you buy a Stuart Minion toy

“Despicable Me”

The first “Despicable Me” movie was a computer-animated feature film that centered on a reformed super villain named Gru and his minions. The word minions is used to describe followers and underlings of powerful persons. Minions are also referred to as underlings, followers and henchmen.

The good guys

  • Felonius Gru was a villain until he adopted three daughters and changed his ways. Now he combats villains with the help of good guys and his minions. Gru is a tall, bald man who dresses in black. He is remarkably strong, agile and athletic and invents weapons like the freeze ray, fart gun, lipstick taser and big blaster cannon. He drives a motorcycle, airship, rocket and flying scooter.
  • Margo, Edith and Agnes are Felonious Gru’s adopted daughters who are in turn mature, tomboyish and happy-go-lucky.
  • Lucy Wilde is a secret agent who teamed up with Gru to track down a very dangerous super villain. She is a green-eyed, red-headed and freckle-faced martial arts expert who fights villains with a combination of jiu-jitsu, Aztec warfare and street dancing. After having 147 dates with him, she marries Gru and becomes the girls’ new mother.

The villains

  • Mr. Perkins is the president of the massive Bank of Evil. He uses his money to fund the schemes of many villains.
  • Victor Perkins is the banker’s son and Gru’s rival.
  • Miss Hattie is the cruel owner of the orphanage where Gru found and adopted his three daughters. Miss Hattie sends Margo, Edith and Agnes out to sell cookies and makes them sleep in cardboard boxes when they fail to meet their quotas.
  • Balthazar Bratt is a former child star whose television series was canceled when he reached puberty. Bratt uses a giant robot equipped with a laser and inflatable bubble gum ammunition to extract revenge on Hollywood. 

The Minions

The minions are the several hundred minor characters who play minor roles in the “Despicable Me” film series. In addition to all their other quirky characteristics, the minions have uncontrollable cravings for bananas. All minions are loyal to Gru and Dr. Nefario and are capable of using computers and building and operating weapons.

Stuart Minion

Stuart Minion is a short, one-eyed minion who is friendly, playful and intelligent, although considered by some to be a bit of a slacker. Stuart is skilled at video games and plays the ukulele.

What to look for in quality Stuart Minion toys

Stuart Minion plush toys

Younger kids favor plush toys they can carry around, cuddle with or use as pillows.

Stuart Minion action figures

There are a few Stuart Minion toys and sets of minion action figures.

Stuart Minion LEGOs

Stuart Minion LEGO toys combine the loveable creatures with STEM learning in building kits that teach kids how to follow instructions and solve problems.

Stuart Minion Funko POP!

Funko Pop! manufactures licensed plastic figurines, action figures, plush toys and limited pop culture collectibles. 

How much you can expect to spend on Stuart Minion toys

Most Stuart Minion toys cost from $10-$20. A few Stuart Minion LEGO toys cost as much as $50.

Minion FAQ

What language do the minions speak?

A. The minions speak mostly Minionese, a mash-up of several languages combined together to create a mostly unintelligible gibberish. Occasionally they speak English, too.

Are all minions the same?

A. All minions have the same basic shape and wear the same clothing, but are different heights and have either one or two eyes. Each has some distinguishing feature that may be too subtle for parents to notice. All are lovably clumsy and eager to serve evil bosses.

What are the best Stuart Minion toys to buy?

Top Stuart Minion toy

The Rise of Gru Stuart Minion Laugh & Giggle Plush Toy by Just Play

The Rise of Gru Stuart Minion Laugh & Giggle Plush Toy by Just Play

What you need to know: This 8-inch tall one-eyed Stuart Minion plush toy laughs and giggles when you press his hand.

What you’ll love: The most famous of the yellow, capsule shaped minions comes dressed in the minion uniform of blue overalls, black shoes and gloves, and a one-eyed goggle. This plush toy is also available in Bob and Kevin versions or as a set of three.

What you should consider: The head is a bit heavy and makes it hard for Stuart to sit up straight on his own.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Stuart Minion toy for money

Loud N’ Rowdy Stuart Minion Talking Action Figure

Loud N’ Rowdy Stuart Minion Talking Action Figure

What you need to know: Stuart speaks 10 words of gibberish and comes to life with real action.

What you’ll love: Kids ages 4 and up love the cannon that fires a fart bomb and a boot projectile accessories. Battle with the Vicious 6 and take them down minion-style. Engage Stuart’s action and watch as his eyes follow along, laughing and yelling. This Stuart Minion toy is compatible with Action Minions, Movie Moment Minions and the Wild Rider RC vehicle sold separately.

What you should consider: The three LR44 batteries are included, but will need to be replaced when they die.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Lego Minions Unstoppable Bike Chase Minions Toy Building Kit 75549

LEGO Minions Unstoppable Bike Chase Minions Toy Building Kit 75549

What you need to know: Kids build their own motorbike and rocket skates to help Gru and the minions.

What you’ll love: Gru is on one of his missions and the kids help by adding the minions to the chase and playing out scenes from one of the “Despicable Me” movies. This 136-piece toy set includes figures of minions Stuart and Bob as well as an exclusive Gru LEGO minifigure.

What you should consider: This toy building kit is best for kids ages 6 and older.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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