LVIV, UKRAINE (WNCN) – Under the watchful eye of the historic Tara Shevchenko monument in Lviv, Ukrainians came together on Tuesday for a moment of honoring lives lost in the war.

The vigil in western Ukraine comes days after the surfacing of graphic images and videos showing civilian corpses strewn across the streets of Bucha, an area 15 miles northwest of the capital city, Kyiv.

The monument of Tara Shevchenko stands tall in photos of the candle-lighting ceremony. Shevchenko is remembered by the people of Ukraine as a prominent poet, writer, painter and playwright of the 19th century. His legacy includes being a major figure in the Ukrainian national revival.

Prior to the vigil in honor of the lives lost, those gathered heard and shared several prayers.

Images from the Associated Press show the crowd standing in observance as more and more participants placed their candles in an outline of the country’s borders.

The Associated Press contributed to this article.