DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — It’s now been three years since Steve Boston sat down at a kitchen table in Kiev with some of Ukraine’s most prominent leaders. The Triangle-based documentary filmmaker wanted to talk about the now infamous ‘perfect call’ from Donald Trump.

It took a while for Boston to realize why at that time they kept turning the conversation to Vladimir Putin.

“That’s when I began to realize that I know something about what’s going on there but then I didn’t really feel what their plight was until over time,” said Boston.

They were right, Russia invaded.

Former Infrastructure Minister, Volodymyr Omelyan is one of several people Boston has kept in contact with. Omelyan recently told Boston that he worries that the East may be losing sight of what’s at stake.

“It’s very good if you have strong will to fight. But you have to have means of fight. Definitely we do understand that many people in the world become fatigued of the war. They don’t take it as it is ongoing and they do believe that it should be over very soon. But the reality is different, said Omelyn. “War is developing and Russia is not going to surrender yet.”

Boston said he’s noticing a difference in Omelyan’s spirit.

“And this time, even though he answered with the same optimism of fighting the Russians and such, I got the feeling he thinks it’s going to be a longer protracted affair,” Boston said.

The Russians are blowing up power grids and as winter and frozen grounds approach, that means it will be easier for enemy tanks to move in. But, Omelyan says the Russians only have so such ammunition and supplies.

“Even if they want to send millions, they’d love to do so. They can’t equip them; they cannot give them enough guns and so 150,000 is the maximum,” Omelyan added.

150,000 is still a lot of troops to fend off. Boston feels that desperation.

“It’s coming down to really life and death and I can tell that they do not want the United States and the West to stop sending arms and money because, like he said, you can have the most motivation as fighters, but if you don’t have the weapons and means of defense, you will lose. So I think they are in fear of that,” he said.