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Saint Augustine's University Students

Saint Augustine’s University, a four-year liberal arts school, has been molding students since it’s founding more than 150 years ago. SAU currently serves around 1,000 students and is located near Downtown Raleigh. We offer more than 20 undergraduate degree programs including Mass Media, Business, Criminal Justice, Education, and more.

Our students benefit from a wide variety of resources, services, and opportunities to ensure a positive college experience. We host all nine Greek letter sororities and fraternities and offer numerous campus clubs, charitable organizations and more. Our International Student Services team is available to support and encourage our diverse student population.

Beyond providing a first-class college experience, Saint Augustine’s University endeavors to provide students with the opportunity to foster relationships with fellow students and professors alike. At SAU, our faculty and staff work to create a well-rounded experience for their students through academic excellence, leadership development, cultural enrichment and more.

Our Financial Aid Office can assist in applying for student loans and scholarships or provide financial advice for prospective students. Financial aid applicants are encouraged to apply early.

Contact an admissions counselor  or fill out an admissions application today for more information.