RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN)–Starting in middle school he has always been the man to beat whenever he stepped on the track.

“I was a five time national champion, 17 time all American I have six state championships two state meet records,” said Saint Augustine freshman Terrell Robinson. “ I have multiple conference, regional records championships and all that.”

His high school list of accomplishments is as impressive as the list of colleges that tried to recruit him.

“Texas, Ohio State, Miami, Pitt, UNCC, Campbell and Southern Cal,” said Robinson. “I’ll have to look at my phone but it’s a good little list I’d say of schools.”

Anybody would but with his choice of places to go he chose Saint Augustine’s University. You heard that right, Saint Aug and he heard about it as well.

“I’ve heard it from teachers and people so close to me. My counselors and all that they’re like you had Texas and North Carolina A&T,” said Robinson. “They say ‘you chose Saint Augustine’ like they were disgusted at me.”

They are also ill informed. The Falcons track team is one of the most celebrated in the country and built by former coach George Williams. He is the former coach/mentor to current St Aug track head man Bershawn Jackson and the reason Terrell came to Oakwood Avenue.

“He cares, even when he recruited me he was still helping me out with other recruiters and colleges. He didn’t just single himself out to me but he kept reaching out to other schools,” said Robinson. “A lot of track coaches are in it for their accolades but he’s an Olympic champ and world champ.”

He does have 4 Gold medals but who’s counting. The two worked together during Robinson’s junior and senior year at Mt. Tabor High helping him shave seconds off his time and increase speed. It’s only fitting Robinson would come to St. Aug and help the Falcons win championship number 40.

“He told me if he doesn’t say anything to you he doesn’t care anymore,” said Robinson. “As long as he’s talking to you he still loves you and he wants you to be the best you.”

Which includes not running but walking for the graduation ceremony.

“I’m going to make sure he gets his degree,” said St. Aug head track coach Bershawn Jackson. “The sweat is going to dry one day and when the sweat dries what’s next”

Speaking of what’s next, how good can Terrell be coach?

“With his mindset, accountability his smarts  and his eagerness to want to be great,” said Jackson. “He could be the next Olympic champion.”