RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Carolina Hurricanes’ owner Tom Dundon has been fined at least $184 million for his role in the bankruptcy of the Alliance of American Football, a minor football league that was a branch off of the NFL.

CBS 17 learned of Dundon’s court case after The Athletic reported the extensive lawsuit earlier Tuesday.

Dundon is accused of tanking “the startup [league] when there were financial alternatives”.

Even though the AAF has been gone for years, and another league, the XFL, has also since come and gone since its creation, people involved in this case said the AAF would still be around had Dundon not “torpedoed the league” with how he financially handled it.

However, Dundon said he invested in the league “based on false pretenses” and was “misled about the financial state of the AAF.”

Finally, AAF filed for complete bankruptcy in 2019, The Athletic reported.

There is no word on official charges being considered for Dundon at this time.