RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The sounds of basketballs bouncing filled the gym at Emery Gymnasium on the campus of St. Augustine’s Monday. The squeaking of sneakers and the occasional whistle could be heard on a hot morning in Raleigh as close to 50 players hit the court under the direction of St. Augustine’s women’s basketball head coach Ebony Tanner.

“Skill-work is a lost art,” Tanner said when asked what the players between the ages of 10-15 would be working on. “We are going to be big on fundamentals. I look for a kid that can shoot, a kid that can pass and a kid that can handle the ball, so those are the things we want to teach kids here today.”

Tanner was active, moving from each of the four teaching groups set up throughout the gym. Dribbling, shooting, passing and rebounding stations allowed the players to get the full basketball experience.

“With my athletes, I already expect (them) to know how to do certain things,” Tanner said of the difference between working with her college ball players and the young campers. “It takes a little more patience, a little bit more ‘alright we want to do this right, let’s go back and do it again’.”

She continued, “We’re teaching them so that when they get to the level my (college) players are, they’ve already got those basic fundamental skills down.”

The campers will get a taste of college life while on campus, too. It’s not all about just basketball.

“We have them on campus, so they’ll get the full campus experience,” Tanner said. “They’ll be able to (go) in the cafeteria and… get to experience St. Augustine’s University. It is very important we’re not only able to teach these kids, but they’re able to tell their friends about their experience at camp and bring them back with them.”