GREENSBORO, N.C. (WNCN) — The Atlantic Coast Conference says it hasn’t found any evidence that part of a women’s basketball game was played with a men’s ball.

League officials issued a statement Friday morning in response to Duke coach Kara Lawson’s claim that a men’s ball was used during the first half of her team’s loss at Florida State earlier in the week.

The league says it learned of the allegation after the game on Jan. 29 and “immediately conducted a comprehensive review” that included discussions with officials, game administrators, the crew at the scorer’s table and both schools.

The ACC says the “thorough and objective review process” failed to turn up any evidence to support the claim and that Duke may not appeal or protest because of NCAA rules.

The balls used in men’s games have larger circumferences than those used by women, which measure 28.5 inches around compared to 29.5 inches for a men’s ball.

Florida State beat Duke 70-57.