CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Panthers fans got a taste of what they hope to see a lot of in the regular season.

The preseason is over and fans left Bank of America Stadium hungry for more football. They’re excited for the first upcoming regular season game against the Cleveland Browns on September 11.

“Mayfield is what we’re hoping for,” said Panthers fans Bridget and Steve. “We want to go to the playoffs, it’s been too long.”

Some fans only came to see how Mayfield connected with the rest of the team. By halftime, they knew Mayfield was really QB #1.

“It was fantastic. Baker Mayfield is the man, we are so pleased. Couldn’t believe the touchdowns, they played great.” The Panthers were up 14-0 against the Buffalo Bills at halftime. Both touchdowns were from Mayfield, who was 9 of 15 at the end of the second.

“He started off I was a little nervous, I think he was a little nervous but then he settled in. He’s looking really good, he especially looked good on that second touchdown,” Panthers fans Mike Murphy said.

But although Mayfield looked sharp, fans say the team has a few loose screws to take a look at, if they’re going to be a complete team.

“I’d like to see the defense tighten up a little bit more. baker looked good, McCaffrey wasn’t in, so I couldn’t see him but I think they’re looking good. I’m ready for an exciting season.”