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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Tuesday of Masters week the greens are still silent and the grounds are filled with simply just air on the course at Augusta National Golf Club.

“I was really excited to get the opportunity to come to this one because this is going to be a unique one, and one we’ll hopefully never see anything like this again,” said Irish Examiner freelance writer Scott Michaux.

“To not have any patrons is the real depressing aspect of it, that we’re going
to feel this weekend in particular when there are no roars and there’s no energy that we always fine in Augusta”.

Yet, still being there is a very unique experience as you witness history unfolding before your eyes. Despite the doors to the patrons shop closed, or the ability to stand in corners that are usually filled with spectators and grandstands.

“It is really kind of neat to see the golf course from this way with nothing in the way, no grandstands, no ropes, no patrons walking around, it’s really going to be something special I think even without people here,” added Michaux.

Despite there not being any patrons this year that doesn’t mean that those who are working at Augusta National are not working.

It is hard or harder than ever to provide safety, security and to create a once in a lifetime experience for those involved this year.

“You still have to prepare like if it were a regular Masters Tournament, and then you throw COVID on top of it so it’s an experience,” said Jim Costigan, the Director of Security and Safety at Augusta National”.

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