RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — NC State junior defensive end Davin Vann will wear the honored No. 1 jersey for the Pack this upcoming season. The Cary native becomes just the third underclassman to wear State’s most sacred number.

“I found out when coach Doeren asked me to meet him and we had a little discussion about it,” said Vann. “I was real surprised I wasn’t expecting to get No. 1 so it was a real surprise.”

You would think an honor like that would be a big deal for the Vann family, but Davin’s mom, initially, wasn’t sold on the number switch.

“My mom really wanted me to stay 45,” said Vann. “My mom has nine kids, four plus five equals nine and my sister also passed away on the 9th.”

Vann said he debated for over a week on whether or not to make the change and finally came to the conclusion that it was just too big of an honor to pass up.

“It means a lot, it’s a real honor,” said Vann. “I know I’m following some big footsteps but I plan on leaving my mark too.”

Beginning in 2014 NC State head coach Dave Doeren made the No. 1 jersey available to the player who exhibited an elite work ethic and practice and training habits. For the past three years, Isaiah Moore had that honor. Now it belongs to Vann.

“Getting the No. 1 you’re that guy that can lead when you need to and I take that responsibility real serious,” said Vann.