RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – North Carolina State baseball players and fans agree that there’s nothing quite like a game at the Doak. Red-clad fans fill the stands to root on the Wolfpack.

Taking all that in is something N.C. State seniors abruptly had taken from them by the coronavirus pandemic.

“God, I’d trade anything in the world to sit on the bench today and be out there with those guys,” said senior catcher Brad Debo.

There is no more college baseball this year. For Debo and his fellow seniors, that may mark the end of their baseball careers. Debo, though, understands that these are trying times.

“In a way, I am glad that it happened to keep us all safe,” Debo said. “But, I’m still kind of bummed I’m not out there playing right now.”

The Wolfpack catcher got off to a flying start at N.C. State. He earned freshman All-America honors. However, injuries and the emergence of future first-round draft pick Patrick Bailey behind him slowed down the former Orange High School star.

Debo, all the while, kept a positive attitude.

“Would it have been great to hit .340 every year and be out of here in the first round? Yeah, of course,” Debo said. “But, coming back from injuries, I think in 10 years now, what I learned from the past three years of being here, is going to matter way more than me hitting .340.”

Debo came to camp this season healthier than he has been in years. His plan was to go out with a bang. Instead, his senior season ended with a thud. It was out of his control.

“There’s no reason to be bitter. I can’t control that stuff I can’t control, that there’s a virus going around. I can’t control that I get hurt. There’s nothing I can do about it,” Debo said.

“If I just let it bum me out, then I’m going to be a miserable person all the time. All this stuff will clear up eventually. We just got to do our part now. Maybe in a month or two we’re back out there like normal.”