RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The 2023 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs are down to the final four. The Carolina Hurricanes will play the Florida Panthers in the Eastern Conference Finals, while the Dallas Stars will play the Las Vegas Golden Knights in the Western Conference Finals. None of the teams remaining are part of the “Original Six” and none of them were in existence in their current form 30 years ago, in what some are calling an unprecedented postseason.

In fact, none of the teams left this year are even considered “northern teams,” but someone has to be the farthest north? Right?

It might not be who you think.

To get the answer we will have to use some latitude lines, those things we learned about in middle school geography class.

Graphic made by Wes Hohenstein

The Florida Panthers in Miami, who entered the NHL in 1993, are definitely not the most northern team. That’s an easy one as they are actually the most southern team.

The Dallas Stars, who moved from Minnesota in 1994, are also not the most northern team, but remain the only team in Texas.

That leaves the Carolina Hurricanes and Las Vegas Golden Knights, both of which are north of the 35° parallel. We actually have to bring in the 36° latitude parallel to get the answer.

The Carolina Hurricanes in Raleigh, North Carolina are at 35.8° North, but the Knights, in Las Vegas, Nevada, are at 36.2° North making them the most northern team left in the playoffs.

Wes Hohenstein/CBS 17