WAKE FOREST, N.C. (WNCN) — Heritage high school senior quarterback Lex Thomas knows the importance of patience. It serves him well in the pocket as well as in life.

As a sophomore, Thomas was good enough to start at quarterback for Heritage, but there was just one problem – well – make that two.

“We had two Division I quarterbacks when I was a freshman and a sophomore,” said Thomas. “One went to Central (NC Central) and one went to Marshall so I just had to wait my turn. I feel like I was patient and stayed the course and I feel like it worked out for me.”

But still, it wasn’t easy. Thomas saw other young quarterbacks being thrown into the fire knowing full well that could have been him too.

The NC State recruit, though, didn’t have to look far for comfort. His oldest brother, Thayer, had to wait his turn as well at Heritage.

“Yeh it was hard but Thayer did the same thing and I definitely learned from Thayer,” Thomas explained. “He played JV all three sports his sophomore year so I just took advice from him, kept my head down and kept working.”

And it worked. Last year as a junior, his first year as a varsity starter, Thomas threw for 25-hundred yards and 30 touchdowns leading the Huskies to a 10 and 2 record all while having a bullseye on his chest due to his name. The youngest of three Thomas brothers, both of which currently play for the Wolfpack, Lex Thomas quickly got used to the whispers.

“Yeh you hear it but you’ve got to let it go, flush it out of your system and don’t let it affect how you play,” said Thomas.

Thomas doesn’t possess the ideal frame for a college quarterback, but that doesn’t worry him. He watched both of his brothers conquer similar hurdles. Drake Thomas had to answer questions about his height, while Thayer was labeled too slow to play in the ACC.

“Yeh I’m going to play quarterback at NC State,” Thomas demanded. “It’s been home ever since they started recruiting Drake back when he was a sophomore. I kept the relationship with coach Doeren, nothing but love and I just decided to make my decision last summer because I knew and once you know you know so I just made my decision early.”