PRINCETON, N.C. (WNCN) – Princeton may be a small town tucked away in Johnston County, but it has produced more than its fair share of quality football players. Among them is former North Carolina State running back Johnny Frasier.

A strong offensive line is key to success — even for players as talented as Frasier. Princeton had almost 4,000 rushing yards going into the final week of the season. Two-year starter Hinton Cox has been integral to creating the gaps for those runs.

Cox said guys like Frasier were his inspiration.

“I just saw what he did and could do, and it just made me want to come out here and be able to block for people like that,” Cox said.

Cox has been a leader on the field, but his coaches were also fast to tout everything he does in the Princeton community.

“He understands our offense and what we’re trying to accomplish. Moreso than that, what he does off the field is he’s just a phenomenal community leader,” said coach Travis Gaster. “For a young man his age to have the hear and dedication to serve others and volunteer in our community, it means a lot and says a lot about his character.”

Princeton was vying for a perfect campaign in Friday’s regular-season finale against Rosewood.