Tropical Storm Michael forced several area school districts to remain closed Friday. It also meant canceled football games for a number of schools.

The undefeated Enloe Eagles players were prepared to head to Southeast Raleigh, but kickoff will not happen. Tropical Storm Michael took out trees and power lines just down the road.

Wake Forest, another undefeated team, was set to host Corinth Holders.

“Let’s control what we can control,” Wake Forest coach Reggie Lucas said.

Lucas said he had been in communication with school leaders since the beginning of the week about the impending storm.

“With this storm, I was prepared for any changes that may have happened,” Lucas said. “While we were at practice, we prepared (as) if we were going to play. Mentally we were ready to play and physically we were preparing to play the game.”

A Wake County schools spokesperson told CBS 17 it waited until Friday morning to see if power could be restored and field conditions would be OK. In the end they decided to cancel school activities and games.

“(They took) every safety precaution to make sure that they were safe and that their family was safe,” Lucas said.

Across the state, hundreds of thousands are still without power. It’s one of the reasons why players in Orange County won’t play under the lights either. Seven out of 13 schools did not have electricity Friday, officials told CBS 17.

“Although it’s frustrating for all of us, we’ve just got to push forward,” Lucas said

The Wake Forest and Corinth Holders game has been rescheduled for Nov. 9.