CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) – Noah Taylor had no real plans to play outside of Charlottesville, Virginia, when he entered the transfer portal in early December. He’d put the odds of him staying near 80 percent.

Then he came to Chapel Hill

“When I came here (UNC), I just came with an open mind and didn’t really expect for it to be anything serious, ” Taylor said. “I ended up just falling in love with it.”

It was love at first sight. His estimated 20-percent chance of leaving UVA was out the window the first time the linebacker walked through the doors at North Carolina and saw what the Tar Heels had to offer.

“There were a lot more resources here and a lot more things that I can use to help advance my game and my health just in general,” Taylor said.

Coming out of high school, Taylor had only visited Virginia, Rutgers, and Pitt — the only schools who he felt extended real offers — he didn’t know the facilities and resources available at other programs until his trip to Chapel Hill.

The Tar Heels have made quite a few changes in the months since his commitment, including the firing and hiring of their defensive coordinator. Mack Brown brought in Gene Chizik and Charlton Warren to head North Carolina’s defensive efforts moving forward.

“In the short time that I’ve known Mack Brown, I’ve gained a lot of, a lot of, a lot of trust in him. So I was never really too worried when I found out that the switch happened,” Taylor said of the staffing changes. “I knew he’d bring in the right guys and he’d have the right plan for me.”

In his brief time with the new defensive coordinators, Taylor said he’s expecting to do more pass-rushing, an aspect of his game he’d excelled at as a Cavalier. After an injury-riddled stint in Virginia Taylor is most excited to showcase his versatility as he works to take his game to a higher level before going pro.

“There’s nothing on the field that will be asked of me that I can’t do, ” Taylor said. “There’s film on it that doesn’t lie.”