KNIGHTDALE, N.C. (WNCN) — Miles McCallop, 14, demonstrates a throwing motion to a group of young, aspiring quarterbacks at a one-day football camp in Knightdale.

The rising 8th grader blends in nicely with the campers until you realize, he’s in charge of the event.

“As a 14-year-old I was like, dang, and I’m great with kids, I should come over here with these kids because I can relate to them because I was there not too long ago,” said Miles, who is from Rolesville.

And in a sense, he’s still there to this day, according to his dad.

“He’ll walk away from where he’s supposed to be training and go and throw balls with kids and whatever and I’m like man we’re getting ready to play a game,” said dad Omar McCallop. “He’s just always had it in his heart.”

And that’s why the younger McCallop decided to organize the football camp where the focus is not solely on football — leadership, dedication and teamwork were stressed along with the physical aspects of the game.

Miles learned at a very young age that there’s much more to football than just practice and conditioning. A strong mental makeup is essential for success.

“It’s really, really important — I can’t stress enough how important it is — to wake up in the morning and look yourself in the mirror and like, oh yeah, I’m feeling good today, I’m going to play good and do whatever I’m doing today I’m going to do it great,” said Miles.

Miles is wise beyond his years, there’s a certain maturity in his demeanor that has an effect on younger kids. He could have shied away from the attention but has instead, embraced it.

“We had a conversation about engaging and taking responsibility for being a young role model if you will,” McCallop explained.

Growing up, Miles had plenty of role models to help shape the player and person he is today. Those qualities learned are now being passed along by McCallop.

“I want to be the guy who’s looking out for them because they looked out for me,” said Miles. “So I’m looking out for the younger kids because I had other guys look out for me when I was younger.”