August 8: A Break From The Stormy Pattern



Yesterday’s storms resulted in a few wind damage reports to the north and east of the Triangle, then another cluster of storms late last night did some damage in the Triangle:A home in Wake county was struck by lightning — the storms were very electrically active, which made for a restless night for a lot of people.

Those storms are long gone now, and today is looking like a calm day overall. It will still be hot, with highs reaching the low 90s this afternoon:Some slightly drier air moved in behind last night’s storms — that means our rain chances will be less than 10%, and the mugginess won’t be as oppressive. The humidity certainly hasn’t gone away, but at least it will be “tolerable”:

Temperatures tonight will be close to normal for the middle of August, dropping to the upper 60s and low 70s:

We’ll heat up again on Friday, with highs even farther into the 90s:Not much rain tomorrow either — increasing humidity means a 20% pop-up storm chance. The North American Model’s radar simulation from noon through midnight shows a few storms clipping the northern Coastal Plain, but that’s about it:

Our rain chances remain very low into the beginning of next week:The humidity goes up and down — even intermittent breaks from the worst of the mugginess are very welcome this time of year:

While the humidity will take a break or two, the heat won’t. The coolest day of the 7-day forecast is Sunday, and even then we’re likely to hit 90°:A better chance of scattered storms will eventually head our way by the middle of next week, but that’s a long way off in forecasting terms.


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