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School is in full swing and each night children come home from school with homework waiting for them. After a long day of classes and extra-curriculars it can take some coaxing to get your children to start on their homework. Here are a few tips that could help:

A consistent routine is a great way to help children be able to get their homework done each evening. By establishing a routine, the child will be able to understand what each evening holds. However, you build this routine is up to you. It can start with cleaning up for dinner, setting the table, eating dinner and then homework. Whichever way you chose to build the routine is fine, but the key is to make sure the routine is consistent.

Before the student begins their homework make sure they create a check- list of what homework needs to be completed.  When a task is complete the child will feel a sense of achievement and will feel more determined to take on the next task at hand.

As the student works on their homework make sure that they are being as detailed as possible with their work. This will allow the student to be able to look back and check their answers and be able to see where a mistake may have taken place. It also allows a parent to be able to help if there has been mistake.

After a long day of school, it can be difficult to get the best results from your child regardless of what is implemented in the child’s routine. Places such as Success4Schools are here to help families and parents navigate the homework drama.

Success4School has different tutoring options depending on the student’s individual needs such as math tutoring and reading tutoring. At each of these sessions the learning specialists will identify the strength and weaknesses of each student.

Although, Success4School is tutoring based within these tutoring sessions the learning specialist will help your child with organization, when to start and stop a task and focus training. This will vary depending upon the needs of the child, but parents are able to have these discussions with the learning specialist for best results and practices.

Success4School gives recommendations that they feel are best for the child and for what the parents would like to achieve. Before starting tutoring Success4School makes sure there is a strategy in place that benefits the student and parents.

If you think that Success4School could be beneficial for your family head on over to Success4School.com to get started.  Success4School is located at 2425 Kildaire Farm Road, Suite 106, Cary, NC.

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