Diamonds In The Ruff Canine Rescue receives $3,000 for March 3-degree predictions

3 Degree Guarantee

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — “We started just taking dogs out of the shelter, finding them homes. And then we realized that we needed help! Because it was just too big a problem,” Susan Moore says.

With that assessment,  Moore and her sister launched Diamonds In The Ruff Canine Rescue, CBS 17’s 3-degree Guarantee charity for March 2019.

Susan already has a good idea where the donated money will go: “Vet care, usually. Whenever we get a dog, whether it comes off the street, from the shelter, or from the community, it comes right to the vet.”

Brian Stuber is one of the veterinarians at the Berkeley Clinic, which is one of the first stops for dogs brought into the rescue.

He says that vet care for rescue dogs isn’t too different.

“We do a lot of the same basic things that your veterinarian would do — a physical exam, checking them for intestinal worms, vaccinations, spaying and neutering,” Stuber said.

But that vet care is just the start of the process. Susan and her foster family helpers go through a specific process with each dog.

“Once they get it healthy, then we put it in the appropriate foster home. It takes a village…it takes a lot of people to run a good rescue,” Susan Moore said.

That village includes volunteers like Donna Archer, and foster families to get the dogs started on their path to permanent homes.

She says that rescue dogs from Diamonds In The Ruff are uniquely able to settle into their new homes, because “you know what you’re getting. The foster moms start training, they start loving, all the vet care is started, so it takes a lot of the guesswork out.”

Everyone involved knows it’s worth it, to get puppies like “Buttercup” happily settled into their forever homes. Dr. Stuber gets to see those dogs on their follow-up visits,

“It’s always nice to see a pet, especially one that comes in that obviously needs help – not just from us, but from Diamonds in the Ruff – and see them, even over weeks or months develop into a healthy, happy pet,” Stuber said.

And for the volunteers who are so vital to Diamonds In The Ruff’s mission, it doesn’t seem like work at all. Donna Archer sums up what makes it worth it.

“Seeing other people come up and love on them – yeah, I’ll definitely spend a couple of hours on a Saturday doing that!”

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