JDRF helps kids, families with Type 1 diabetes

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RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Raising kids can be a tall task with school, practices, homework, birthday parties and the like, but when you add in managing a disease – life can get hectic and sometimes scary.

That’s the reality for more than a million people in the U.S. living with Type 1 Diabetes and it’s also the reality for the Moffat family in Raleigh.

Their family of five, which includes a baby goat, has two kids with Type 1 Diabetes.

Glen is the oldest boy in the family and has been living with diabetes for nearly 10 years.

It was a trip to a butterfly festival when he was three when the symptoms started showing up.

For Glen, it was excessive thirst while looking at butterflies.

A simple test at the doctor the next day confirmed the 3-year-old had Type 1 Diabetes.

Symptoms can include weight loss, constant hunger, excessive thirst, irritability, excessive urination and even flu-like symptoms.

JDRF, which stands for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, helps families who have newly diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, but they are also searching for a cure for the disease.

Seven-year-old Blake was just diagnosed last December and both brothers are doing well, but it’s a constant job managing activities and diet.

“We’re constantly juggling what they’re eating, if they’re exercising, how many carbs they’re going to eat, are they going to be resting or running and how do we need to adjust their insulin delivery,” said mom, Andrea Moffat.

Technology has made life a lot easier for many Type 1 Diabetes patients.

The first pumps and monitors years ago were the size of backpacks, but now small devices about the size of a pack of gum can constantly monitor levels and attach to one arm, while another device the same size can attach to the other arm and deliver insulin.  

All of this can be monitored on a smartphone.

JDRF Executive Director Chris LaTurno explains what a life-changing diagnosis this can be.

“This is something that in a split-second life changed and your insulin dependent. Your pancreas is no longer able to provide insulin it requires for us to live. JDRF is very much into prevention, treatment and the cure for Type 1 diabetes.”

For nearly 50 years, JDRF’s goal has been to end Type 1 Diabetes, an autoimmune disease that strikes both children and adults suddenly. It has nothing to do with diet or lifestyle and there is nothing you can do to prevent it.

JDRF is the February 2019 3-Degree Guarantee Charity.

Every month CBS 17 picks a different local charity to raise money and awareness for during the daily 3-Degree Guarantee.  

Each day when the CBS 17 Storm Team gets the next day’s forecast correct within three degrees, CBS 17 and Allen Kelly & Company combine to donate $100 to a charity.

At the end of the month, all the money raised is totaled and presented to that month’s group.

To learn more about JDRF and how you can help, visit their website here.

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