Laundry is a chore few of us like to do, but some don’t have access or money to do laundry. It’s a basic task that many may take for granted, but not everyone has access and in those cases, Laundry Love of Goldsboro steps in and helps out.

Laundry Love washes the clothes and bedding of individuals and families who need help all across Wayne County and they are the CBS 17 3° Guarantee charity for May 2021.

Every 1st and 3rd Monday at the wash house in Goldsboro, they help dozens of people do laundry for free. The clients range from homeless to low income to those who have just fallen on hard times.

The local charity was founded in 2017 and the national branch of Laundry Love was started in 2003.

Struggling families can have their laundry done at not cost to them and then be able to redirect their resources to more basic life necessities like food, rent or medicine.

Laundry love also works with other community services to help families in other ways they may need. They are always looking for detergent or other laundry supplies, hygiene items or even food.

Every month CBS 17 picks a different local charity to raise money and awareness for during the daily 3-Degree Guarantee.  Each day when the CBS 17 Storm Team gets the next day’s forecast correct within three degrees, we donate $100 to that charity. At the end of the month, all the money raised is totaled and presented to that month’s group.

If you would like to help support Laundry Love of Goldsboro with laundry supplies or a monetary donation, visit their website here.