There is a charity in central North Carolina that makes furniture and devices for children with special needs out of cardboard. While this may not sound like a big deal, once the furniture is designed, constructed, painted and delivered, it can change a child’s and family’s life for the better.

Made 4 Me started in March 2017 with the slogan “Making Abilities Possible.” Founder Jim McAgy was recently retired from an architectural woodworking company and wanted to do something good with his time. He also knows the challenges families face when raising a child with special needs.


The McAgy family has three children with special needs.

When most people hear about kid’s furniture made from cardboard, the natural reaction is to think a flimsy piece of furniture that won’t last long. The cardboard Made 4 Me uses is called tri-wall, and it’s strong enough to hold up a full-size SUV, so it can handle what a kid will put it through.

Made 4 Me recently constructed an activity and eating chair for 3-year-old Darius Vasko. Doctors recently diagnosed Darius with Autism. Having a chair to help keep him calm and busy throughout the day will be great for him and his family.

Megan Vasko, Darius’ mom just wanted “something that would help Darius and be durable and that would calm him and a place where he could just be a little more relaxed.”

That’s exactly where Made 4 Me stepped in. After taking more than 20 different measurements of Darius, the Made 4 Me team got to work in one of the volunteers’ garage cutting and molding the extra strength cardboard into a lightweight, durable chair for Darius.

Once the first draft was complete and Darius got to test it out, minor modifications were made and the design team took over. The chair was then painted to look like a John Deere tractor with cushions for comfort.

The only thing Made 4 Me asks for from families is a donation for what they can afford. If that’s not possible, then the device or piece of furniture is free.

If you would like more information on Made 4 Me or if you would like to help or volunteer, visit their website here.