Rainbow Animal Rescue saves dogs and cats in NC

3 Degree Guarantee

Rainbow Animal Rescue has been saving dogs and cats in Halifax County, North Carolina since 2004. They were the 3 Degree Charity for the month of November, 2019. The all volunteer no kill rescue doesn’t let their location in North Carolina keep them from driving more than 1000 miles a week rescuing and re-homing cats and dogs. Even thought the location is rural, the shelter is usually at full capacity with about forty dogs.

Jackie Stanley helps run the shelter and knows of the need. “It’s really important that we stay up and running, because without us, the animals in Halifax County would die.” When someone turns an unwanted animal into the local Animal Control, they call Rainbow Animal Rescue to see if they can take the animal to their shelter.

Stanley says there are around 500 to 800 animals a year brought to Rainbow Rescue. She helped Jim and Meg Kuka find a wonderful new family member, Bailey. “We wanted to rescue a dog rather than buy one from a puppy mill or somewhere. We wanted to do some good,” says Jim. Meg adds, “Jim took Bailey out, and Bailey came right back and sat on my feet and rolled over onto my shoes and just wanted his belly rubbed; and I looked at him and said ‘that’s the one’.”

Bailey was all skin and bones when rescued, but rainbow animal rescue nursed him back to health. While we were visiting, a blind chihuahua was brought in after he was abandoned that morning at Animal Control. According to Edna Crouch, the shelter manager, “they called us, we will of course pick him up. We are on our way to our vet right now to have him assessed, to see what can or cannot be done for him. Ah, he’s just scared right now, that’s why he is trembling.”

Paying the vet is just one of the many costs that Rainbow Animal Rescue must bear. They are totally dependent on donations and volunteers to be able to stay open; and with the internet they have found adoptable homes all over. Stanley says, “we go as far as Canada, we’ve transported as far as Canada, but we do try to keep it a little closer than Canada.”

The Kuka’s live closer in Littleton, NC; and Meg’s hat had a saying printed on it that says it all…’Who saved whom’? “Because he’s just such a bit part of our life, I can’t imagine our family without him,” a grateful Meg says.

However, Stanley, who has seen it all rescuing abandoned pets, has some advice for people thinking about adopting one. She wants to make sure it’s going to a forever home. “Think about that it’s a commitment, a lifetime commitment, spay and neuter your animals; because there are just too many unwanted animals out there right now.”

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If you would like to learn more about Rainbow Animal Rescue, please check out their website here.

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