The new School year has just started, but SOAR Outreach has been busy meeting the increased need for hygiene items by students who are either homeless or low income during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We kind of had to pivot our program since Wake County Schools are closed and every student is remote. In the last four months, we have already distributed 1,000 kits,” explains Utica Cason, founder and CEO of SOAR Outreach.

SOAR Outreach partners with other agencies in the community, like the Girl Scouts, to help assemble and distribute hygiene kits. Girl Scouts with Troop 3327 wanted to help those who may need some extra assistance during this difficult time.

“We wanted to help people with their hygiene, you know, some people just can’t get the resources that they need,” says Angela Stokes, a Girl Scout with Troop 3327.

“Some people, they lack confidence if they have something that they don’t think other people have,” says Danae Robinson, a Girl Scout with Troop 3327. “Like, if somebody smelt like this, and then they smell like that, then they don’t want to be noticed by other people.”  

Hygiene kits are just a small part of SOAR Outreach’s overall goal. They hope to be able to expand to other areas and eventually have a place of their own.

“So, our long-term goal is to be able to also distribute in other counties around Wake County but also have a facility where individuals and families can come in and actually pick up these items in person,” Cason explains.

If you are with a group or want to help, you can find out more about SOAR Outreach by clicking here.